Windshield Repair

Ultra Bond Is The Only True Windshield Repair Company

Ultra Bond is #1 Manufacturer of windshield repair resins and windshield crack repair kits for windshield repair professionals who wish to assure that their repairs restore to 100% of new windshield and auto glass repair industry standards. Our business is the only windshield repair company in the U.S.A with 20 patents that separates us from any other competitor or brand you can find on the web. In fact, Ultra Bond, is the only true windshield repair option! On this landing page, we will cover "Why You Should Choose Ultra Bond", in repairing windshields or having your windshield repaired by one of our highly trained customers

Competitors Don't Use Structural Adhesives In Their Resins

The scary thing about having your windshield repaired today (esp with a market flooded with diy kits) is that the resins that are being sold are not structural adhesive resins. Meaning that the resins being used are not holding a bond to the PVB layer in the windshield and will yield to stress. In fact, in most repair jobs, the windshield crack, chip or stone break does not meet ROLAGS.  Single-Handedly that is your evidence that your windshield repair indeed may be compromised. Even worse, some repair professionals and or companies like Safelite will tell you that your windshield is repaired with a crack staring you in the face. This can lead to dangerous conditions like a car accident.

Windshield Repair

What Is Windshield Repair?

The question many people ask themselves in dealing with a cracked windshield, if this crack can  be repaired? Do I need to call my insurance company and have my windshield replaced? The answer can be complex as it depends on the type of damage. In order to know for sure a trained windshield repair professional, would have to inspect the damage. Nevertheless, in the majority of situations, you can repair your windshield and below we will show some of the most common windshield cracks and chips that can be repaired. Ultra Bond, has an array of tools, resins, and windshield repair kits that use a gambet of special tools to make your windshield stronger than new glass.

Types Of Windshield Cracks

Star Break Windshield Repair


Long Crack Windshield Repair


Combination Break Windshield Repair


The Star Break Windshield Crack is one of the most common cracks you'll see in the real world. It has the telltale shape of a star with the small cracks referred to as legs. This windshield crack repair is not complicated with a proper windshield crack repair kit . The repair process may require drilling, it requires the use of the proper tools. Ultra Bond is the only windshield crack repair company that has industry testing showing that when one of our repair technicians fixes your windshield, you can walk away with a Stronger Than A New Windshield Repair and that's an accolade that separates us from Delta Kits, Glasweld, and Safelite.

The Long Crack Windshield is the most unique windshield repair in the business. Many people are told by our competitors, like Safelite, that you cannot do windshield repair over six inches long. Well that could not be further from the truth. In fact, not only can you fix a long crack, Ultra Bond, has a patented repair methods called, "Meet In The Middle Windshield Repair" , costum tools like our Wonder Bar II and our Long Crack Slider Complete Tool that slides along the windshield crack and is self leveling. It is  truly a unique repair and when the repair is complete, as mentioned several times and our brand message, you have a Stronger Than New Windshield.

The Combination Windshield Break is one of the common windshield repairs of a star within a bullseye. This Common chip left unrepaired repairs could crack-out into a horizontal floater crack. You will then need a special tool in order to be able to open the crack and fill it with resin. One thing that you may be doing in this repair is drilling, this alone is why our brand message states that do-it-yourself kits and non structural resins are not going to actually get the bond needed to safely restore your windshield's integrity.

Windshield Repair Kits

Professional Windshield Repair


Pro Windshield Repair


Standard Windshield Repair


Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield Chip Repair is different from windshield crack repair. The level of differences are in the combination of resins used, the strength of the resin used, the repair tools used, and the repair process.. We are a true windshield repair company because we actually repair the windshield to 100%. Our tools, our reins, our technology, is backed by ANSI, ROLAGS, ASTM and SAE testing standards. In those testing standards it was found in multiple mechanical, impact and penetration resistance tests none of the objects were able to break Ultra Bond structural adhesive resin bond. Hence why we are called, Ultra Bond, Stronger Than A New Windshield.

Types Of Windshield Chip Breaks

Bullseye Windshield Chip


Pit Windshield Chip


Halfmoon Windshield Chip


The Bullseye Windshield Chip is a break that happens from a nick from a rock or stone. This type of break in a windshield is on older vehicles with heavier windshields. Cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s are heavier made windshields. After the gasoline crisis car manufacturers started to make lighter more compact vehicles and the windshield weight was cut in half. In some repairs like Star cracks you will create a bullseye to get a pocket of air so resin can fill the chip. 

The Combination Break and Pit Windshield Chip is a more severe chip and Ultra Bond has a different repair process for this break. You will repair this chip like you would any other chip, however, as mentioned you will used a combination of resins such as the Ultra Bond pit filler and pit polish. The pit requires a final resin to fill the missing piece of glass at the impact point.  The final step is using the pit polish which you first must scrape the excess cured resin off before before applying. To get a good polish, Richard Campfield, recommends buffing the pit with a wine cork.

The Halfmoon Windshield Chip is very similar to a bullseye chip, except it does not make a full circle. As long as this chip does not have a long crack extending from it, it is easily repairable. This repair will requiring drilling and tapping a bullseye.

Windshield Crack Repair Training


Windshield Chip Repair Training

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Learn How To Properly Repair Windshields With Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Training Manual

If you like what you read on this page, this is but a preview; Ultra Bond has put together a complete training manual that covers both cracks and chips. In each of these manuals it shows the windshield repair techniques, tools and resins. If you are  not looking to do-it-yourself and rather have someone repair your windshield, click the banner below and find a professional windshield repair technician in a state or city near you.