Professional Windshield Repair

Professional Windshield Repair is about the tools and repair process used in handling more advanced cracks and chips in a windshield. Ultra Bond's Crack Master Professional Windshield Repair Kits takes an amateur to a professional windshield repair technician, handling combinations of cracks and breaks. What does it take to repair advanced breaks and cracks? First it takes having the right tools. Ultra Bond is the only windshield repair company that has lab results that held up to ANSI-SAE Z26.1 Impact and Penetration test and ASTM Flexural Strength Tests. We are the only company that holds 20 patents on our tools, resins, and repair process. In fact the one element that separates professional windshield repair from standard repairs or our competition is the repair process. Ultra Bond uses the absolute best engineered tools to pair well with the repair resins to create stronger than new windshield strength. Let's take a look below more on the tools and repair process.

Professional Windshield Repair Tools

Ultra Bond's Wonder Bar Is The Newest Tool and Versatile For Technicians

In the most recent few years, Ultra Bond, redesigned our windshield crack repair tools to better help a repair professional become more efficient in their:

  • Faster
  • Efficient
  • Adaptable
  • Profitable

We have achieved that through Ultra Bond's Wonder Bar. This bridge is a 6-in-1 tool that can be taken apart from the professional line crack master bridge kit and be used to perform an array of repairs such as:

  • Stone Windshield Breaks
  • Star Windshield Breaks
  • Long Crack Windshield Cracks
  • Edge Cracks

Each one of these repairs above have several sub-classes where you could also experience some trouble with the wrong windshield repair kit. Overall, Ultra Bond has overtime redesign our tools with these upgrades to ensure we get the right balance of compression to the windshield and reduction of tension with the New Wonderbar and Suction Cups placed on the bar to give the necessary compression so our injector can overfill stone breaks and long cracks ensuring you get a good molecular bond and thus Stronger Than A New Windshield bond.

Professional Windshield Repair Kits

Ultra Bond has the tools we have described above and the repair situations. Below are the kits that are much better suited for anyone looking to become a professional windshield repair technician. All of our kits here feature tools from the professional crack master kits and have everything you need to either start fresh or expand your existing windshield repair business.

Professional Crack Master Windshield Repair Kits

Crack Master Windshield Repair Kit


Crack & Chip Repair Kit


Windshield Chip Repair Kit


>> All Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit << >> Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit << >> Standard Windshield Crack Repair Kit <<


Professional Windshield Repair Training

Ultra Bond also offers great training resources, we wrote the book on windshield repair, and we are the experts. We have videos, pdf docs that you can full take advantage of, and educate yourself. About 90% of our windshield repair technicians that buy a professional windshield repair kit learn from our You Tube Channel where you can find all our professional windshield repair training videos. However, if you are seeking more one-on-one training, Richard Campfield, can train with you. If you practice you can learn how to handle the more advanced windshield repairs like long crack, combination cracks, and many others. Most of our members report after their tenth repair, they are ready to-go-to market.


Meet In The Middle, Professional Windshield Repair Technique

The Meet In The Middle Windshield Repair, focusing on the edge crack -  Edge cracks are the most common crack that you will come across in most windshields and starts about 2 inches around the Frit area of the windshield (the black band along the outer edge of the windshield). This crack is caused by a defect in the glass that occurs due to residual stress as wide as 2 inches on the surface of the edge area of the windshield. Due to the installation stress (induced stress) a windshield, when struck by a stone, will crack at the edge and typically will be about 8 inches to 12 inches long. In order to make this repair, you will need a special set of tools, that Ultra Bond calls the Crack Master Tool Kit. These are special tools that will enable you to open up the crack in the windshield and overfill the crack with our structural adhesive resin. Ultra Bond is the only manufacturer that has these resins and the end result is having a windshield stronger than a new windshield. Ultra Bond has been granted  20 patents on resin properties and repair methods! Let's take a look at how these tools and resin work to create the Meet In The Middle Long Crack Windshield Repair:

    • Step #1: Drill 1/8" Hole In Front Of The Point


What you want to do here is drill a hole halfway through the outer layer only! Do not go through to the PVB Layer of the windshield, which is in the middle of the windshield. These repairs will require drilling and that's because you need to be able to ensure that the crack does not spread over time. The drilling will set you up to perform the next step in creating a mini-bullseye break into the windshield so you can get the resin into the tip and to the pvb layer of the windshield.

    • Step #2: Create The Bullseye Crack


After drilling a small hole into the outer layer of the windshield, you are going to create a bullseye in front of where the edge crack tip is and use the tap kit to create this bullseye break. You want to create a round viod at the tip/point to terminate the tip of the crack into . If you get the bullseye break done correctly, you will easily get the resin in there, and the crack will never go anywhere; meaning it will not spread.

    • Step #3: Priming The Point


After making a successful bullseye break by tapping the windshield, we sometimes need to prime-the-point (impact point) using Ultra Bond 45 CPS resin (cps = viscosity) ONLY when the glass is cold. Otherwise just use the 400. 

    • Step #4: Place Long Crack Slider Tool Onto The Windshield


Now get your long crack slider tool loaded with at the 400 resin and place this onto the windshield. Ultra Bond is also the only windshield manufacturer company with a long crack slider tool, we are the only company that can offer you the ability to make these long crack aka edge crack repairs at 100% restoration. This tool is best at it's ability to stay on the crack while you slide along the crack and inject the structural adhesive resin into the the crack to the pvb layer; this tool and resin process is unlike any other on the market. Other resins on the market like Safelite's can come off the PVB Layer of the windshield and leave behind a void and noticeable refraction which does not meet the industry standard.

    • Step #5: Create a Vacuum Using The Injector and Go Into Pressure Mode


After getting your long crack repair tool loaded with resin and placed onto the windshield, you want to position this tool directly over the drilled hole and bullseye break made above. After having positioned it correctly over the bullseye, you want to create a vacuum to remove the air and then wick the resin to the windshield. This process is done by turning the Quick-Turn Injector Piston. Proper compression with the crack opener on the inside will create an overfill of resin into the crack. After creating the 2nd vacuum it's time to release the pressure bolt so only the two stabilizing bolts  on the long crack slider tool are on the glass. These bolts are set for proper pressure and you will notice the resin starting to fill the crack.

    • Step #6: Place The Crack Opener On The Opposite Side Of The Windshield


After mounting the long crack slider place the crack opener tool bolt on the inside of the windshield near the drilled hole on the crack. To correctly do this you need to peel or roll on the suction cups onto the glass . To see this demonstrated, please click the video and fast forward to min 4:39 to see this done. It's very important to get this done right, so that the tool suction cups are relatively flat. This crack opener will flex open the crack so we can get the resin to flow into the crack.

    • Step #7: Inject 1600 or 2400 CPS Resin Into The Edge


While waiting for the long crack resin at the point to start flowing, it's time to inject the edge crack resin, which is a thicker resin.  Depending on the temps and gap you will either use a 1600cps or 2400cps resin to fill the edge crack. We sell these syringes in our Professional Series Crack Master Kits, along with an array of different droplet resins with different cps ratings. You'll find in our training guides below (reading/training material), that professional repairs, are done by knowing how to use the correct resin in any situation. The outside temperature plays a role in which resin to use and combination in certain cracks and chip repairs. In the video here, we use an older injector with the 2400cps resin, however, now we have the syringes you can use to do this. To fill the edge crack you will need to inject from the edge inward until resin no longer easily flows into the crack!

    • Step #8: Observe Your Crack Opener and Long Crack Slider Tool From The Side

professional-windshield-crack-repair-stand-to-the-sideIn order to make sure that your resin is flowing into the long crack, you will  want to stand from the side of the crack to observe this. To make sure that the resin is flowing you can adjust the pressure bolts on both tools to ensure the correct compression is set to force the resin into the crack. Once you know the resin is flowing into the crack, it's time to start slowly sliding the tool to fill the remaining crack.

    • Step #9: Meet In The Middle With The Edge Crack Resin


After getting the edge crack 1600cps or 2400cps resin into the crack and ensuring your resin is flowing from your long crack slider, you will fill the crack until you meet with the edge crack resin you filled in the previous step. Once you meet the other resin, you want to continue a few inches on top of the other resin to ensure there are no air gaps. This will ensure you have a professionalyl repaired the crack.

    • Step #10: Adding Bead Of Edge Crack Resin, Prevent Air and Weak Spot


In an effort to ensure a professional and quality repair, you want to take the 1600cps droplet resin and spread it along the crack all the way to the edge. This will keep air from entering the crack and ensures that there's no weak spots developing in this part of the windshield. It also helps in keep an invisible repair on the windshield.

    • Step #11: Adding Mylar Tape Over The Entire Crack


Before curing the resin, we need to take one more step to ensure once again we get a quality repair. Take some mylar tape and in about five to eight pieces of tape cover the entire crack. This tape will remove the oxygen so it will cure FAST! If you use tape, make sure you use the whitish opaque tape, this will not block the UV needed to cure.

    • Step #12: Cure The Long and Edge Crack and Clean The Windshield


The final step is to take your UV light and place it horizontally along the crack. You will leave this on the glass for a period of two minutes. After you will take a scraper and slice off the tape and excess resin. Wipe off any additional resin or vaseline left behind with a dry rag, before spraying the glass with glass cleaner. Make sure you clean the outside and inside of the windshield to inspect the windshield and for presentation.


Windshield Crack Repair Training


Windshield Chip Repair Training

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