Windshield Repair Magazine

Windshield Repair Magazine was founded and published by Richard Campfield and was the windshield repair industries first industry-wide publication. This magazine came at a tumultuous time in the auto glass industry when windshield manufactures through the National Glass Association were attempting to abolish the windshield repair industry. This was because new repair capabilities and explosive growth was beginning to take a piece of their pie.

Campfield published this magazine for one year and then sold it to Levy Communications because Campfield being a competitor in the industry did not have the first amendment rights as does a neutral publisher and issues that came out were being followed by threats of lawsuits.

  1. First Issue of Windshield Repair Magazine, the Windshield Repair Explosion, September-October 1994.
  2. Second Issue – Windshield Repair Magazine, Repair Instead of Replace. . . ? Confronting the World Wide Glass Industry, November-December 1994.
  3. Third Issue – Windshield Repair Magazine, National Windshield Repair Association Founded, January 1995.
  4. Fourth Issue- Windshield Repair Magazine, Resin Lab Tests, March-April, 1995.
  5. Fifth Issue - Windshield Repair Magazine, Would You Replace? If You Had No Drill!, May-June 1995.