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Windshield Repair Journal.



Windshield Repair Journal is a library of the most accurate information that can be found on windshield repair. This is due to Ultra Bond and Richard Campfield's industry involvement, new technology and legal experiences. The average windshield repair technician can find information to help them solve problems and find success in this website.

Richard Campfield is a windshield repair industry leader who invented methods and chemical properties for repairing long cracks in windshields and the crack resistant windshield coatings. Ultra Bond is a Windshield Repair Manufacturer founded by Richard Campfield.

Richard Campfield was also the founder of Windshield Repair Magazine, a founder of the National Windshield Repair Association and author of The United States Windshield Repair Guidelines. He also served on the National Windshield Repair Association board of directors, Recommended Practices Committee and was the Long Crack Sub-Committee Chairman. He also serves on the National Glass Association's: Windshield Repair Certification Committee; National Windshield Repair Committee and; Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards committee.

Windshield Repair Journal is owned by Richard Campfield and all editorial content is the expressed opinion of Richard Campfield.

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Windshield Repair Journal has links for: windshield chip repair kits, windshield crack repair kits and other windshield repair kits. This website is also a library of Windshield Repair Information. You will find more useful windshield repair information here than any other site in the auto glass industry.

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