Posted by Richard Campfield on Apr 10th 2019


Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Resin Remains Intact after Rollover Crash

Long Crack Repair Holds Up In Rollover Crash

crack-repair-after-rollover-crash2.jpgMary Weaver of Texas, escaped unharmed when she rolled her 2000 Chevy Blazer (shown in the photo with, Reddells), thanks to a 12- inch crack repair that saved the original factory seal and windshield. There was barely any roof crush and although the windshield cracked in a hundred places the repaired crack remained intact. She called and thanked Ultra Bond Licensee, Jeff Reddell of Pace Windshield Repair and Replacement who did the repair.

Thank God, Mary did not call her insurance company (Farmers Insurance) before calling Pace Windshield Repair or this could have been a tragedy. Mary's call would have been forwarded to Safelite and given their false pitch that; "cracks longer than a dollar bill (six inches) are not repairable." Instead, she called Pace Windshield Repair and Replacement first, who for safety reasons, only replaces if it is not repairable according to the Windshield Repair Industry Guidelines and Recommendations.

rollover-vehicle-with-12-inch-crack-repair.jpgAfter the repair was done, Mary sent the bill to Farmers Insurance and was short-paid by Safelite. The fact that the repair holds up in real-world crashes and lab tests shows that windshield repair restores structural integrity. What is more important than that is that it saves the OE installation, so if an accident does happen, occupants can be saved from ending up in a wheelchair or coffin.

Ultra Bond Long Crack repairs also remained intact in 33 out of 33 impacts during independent ANSI/SAE Z26.1 Impact and Penetration Tests. Independent ASTM Flexural Strength Tests also found Ultra Bond Long Crack Repair to be + or - 7% of new glass. Other tests also found that Ultra Bond resin lost no strength and/or gained strength after exposure.

Always do your best job on your repairs, it really does matter.