Launch A Windshield Repair Business Marketing Support Services

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$199.00 per month, Valued At $2000.00 per month

Product Overview

Start A Windshield Repair Business Powered By UltraBond's Marketing Staff

If you're seriously considering deciding to start your own windshield repair business, then this offer should undoubtedly help you make that choice. Ultra Bond offers all our independent business owners and or licensee's Full Stack Web Development and Full Stack Marketing Services. We offer these services at WITHOUT HEAVY COST; thus, we enable you to remove barriers of thousands of dollars to get you target market quickly.

This service comes with the purchase of these windshield Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Kits, Click The Picture For More Information On These Kits:



Get A Website Custom Designed, Get To Market Within 30 Days

When considering starting your own windshield repair business or expanding an existing one, the subject of marketing looms. You might have concerns and or anxiety about how you'll resell windshield chip and or crack repair and make a profit. You certainly cannot generate revenue without a marketing plan, and Ultra Bond has a full break down of this program, click here to learn more about getting a website to help establish your brand in your local area.

Get A Setup Of Adwords, Save Up To $150 OFF In 31 Days With Google

Starting a business and being successful comes down to the number of leads you have. Real business must have revenue and turn a profit in order to survive and you cannot do that without If you have a website, Ultra Bond can quickly setup Adwords properly and segment your target audience to generate the brand demand. It would help scale your business FAST if you got phone calls and or appointments for windshield crack repair services.

By now, you've read about how Ultra Bond is the only true windshield repair company in the world. We hold strong brand messaging that you can use as leverage to help establish a unique voice in Google's Search Results. We'll setup:

  • Initial Settings
  • Account Structure
  • Keywords Bidding
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Display Campaigns For Brand Awareness Campaigns

With the setup of Google Ads, Google, runs promotions where if you invest up to $150.00 in the first 31 days, they will match it; resulting in a credit for the next month. This is nice offer to have when setting up your Ads and getting use to the first few days or first two weeks; you can have this as an added insurance to test things out. If things work great, then you'll continue to invest month-over-month. Inside of the first two weeks, our team will work with you to get your account setup and apply for this discount promotion through Google.


SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is a vital part of being able to scale your marketing and increase your overall ROAS. In marketing, ROAS stands for return on ad spend, and SEO helps reduce the number of marketing dollars you spend to convert customers, thus giving you more significant margins. By building a website and content marketing, we can establish your website that we also design, build, and set up for you at no cost, your brand can rank on keywords that are considered first touchpoints and last touchpoints in a customer's journey.

SEO's most significant utility is the ability to reach your audiences at a first touchpoint, it could be Google Places/Maps; it could be on a particular search term. However, our team of specialists will be working to ensure we optimize your landing page and kickstart content marketing inits that will enable us to show your brand dominantly online.


Mixing strong Adwords baseline to establish brand visibility on a vast array of keyword terms with multi-dimensional SEO strategy, we can slowly reduce the amount of money we have to spend on phrase match keywords. Overtime, evolve your Adwords account, including the bidding strategy, so you see ratios for every $1 spent, 3 dollar back, 4 dollars Back, 5 dollars back, and so on.

Save $1000s of dollars and avoid the boutique marketing trap and forge a relationship with Ultra Bond! We're committed to your long-term success, and we know our product better than a marketing agency. We'd rather see you spend your thousands on advanced marketing inits like trade shows, events, radio, vehicle wrapping, press releases, and more.

How Does The Program Work

We conduct our services into 3 Phases:

  • Marketing Interview
  • Web Design Services
  • Adwords Launch & SEO

Phase One: Web Design, Initial SEO

Each step takes about 30 days; however, those individuals that may already have a website we can start sooner. As mentioned in the Marketing Overview section, we have a turn-key website platform that will enable us to launch your website within days. Having your website built will allow us to at least start constructing your Adwords Account to mirror the website's structure for what call in Marketing Segmentation. Segmentation is an essential part of marketing so that we can measure specific Marketing Campaigns and ads inside the AdGroups. Testing helps us optimize your Ad Copy and performance over time.

Phase Two: Adwords Launch

Beyond 30 days is where we spend the bulk of our time researching the local market area, taking the data we get from the Marketing Interview conducted, and start layering in multiple Ad Campaigns to target in-market audiences. We also configure your Google Analytics account, and Google Tag Manager to further segment your traffic based on page buyer engagement signals. For example, if we see that a landing page is not getting enough clicks on page or scrolls, we might want to show those groups of audiences a different Ad Copy or Landing Page or Reengage as they maybe were on a lunch break or in a meeting before they had a chance to check out your website and or landing page.

Phase Three: Marketing Intelligence, Analytics Review, Audience Segmentation

Beyond 60 days, we'll be working hard to optimize your Adwords budget and bidding strategy. After the initial discovery of marketing data from Google, we'll have a better view of what adjustments need to be made in the bidding and bidding strategy to increase your share-of-voice as a Brand.

Beyond 90 Days, Continued Optimization

As the SEO starts to improve on the keywords, we optimize for; we'll adjust the keywords we bid for aggressively using broad or phrase match types and continue to produce static content, blogs that can rank organically and get more of the click-thru traffic. At the local level, we'll find ways to increase your referrals through review sites, listing profiles, and ensure we've got impressions to keep your brand visible. SEO is a rigorous and ongoing process. We will continue to study Google Trends data and Analytics to uncover what continued content we need to build to scale your overall ROAS and improve your profit margins.

Marketing Service Support Cost

Ultra Bond charges a small monthly cost to keep the lights on and a small monthly management fee in managing your Adwords account.

  • Website - $199 Monthly Fee
  • Adwords - 10% of your Ad Spend Monthly Fee
  • SEO - No Cost!

In the first month, expect to invest up to $499.00 with Google Ads. Sometimes this investment can fluctate depending on your market volume; however, what your investment will give you back on return are long crack windshield repair leads with a value of $3500.00+!



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