Windshield Crack Repair Kits

windshield-crack-repairWindshield Crack Repair Kits manufactured by Ultra Bond  are designed around a professional windshield repair technique that enables structural adhesive windshield repair adhesives to get into the pvb layer of a windshield, and ultimately form a bond that restores the windshield strength; essentially becoming strong as a new windshield. This is no easy feat and takes a professional windshield repair kit in order to make sure the resin's bond does not fade in a few months time after a repair and comprise the windshield integrity.

Ultra Bond is the industry leader in manufacturing of windshield crack repair resin and windshield crack repair tools that will enable a trained professional the ability to repair just about any crack, chip or windshield damage. We've been in business sine the 1980s and have perfected an array of resins, tools, and process to ensure that we can bring solid solution to the market and real world.

What Makes Professional Windshield Crack Repair

It's Not Solely The Resins, It's The Process

There are so many windshield repair kits online and many of them offering a do-it-yourself solution to correct windshield damage. There are many different type of windshield breaks and damage and the major pitfall with these standard windshield repair kits is that they do not offer resins that will ensure the Strongest Possible Bond and give you a life-time guarantee that your windshield won't break again. Ultra Bond manufactures industrial strength resins with special chemical that ensures a strong bond and distributes professional windshield repair kits with all the items you need to repair your windshield as a pro or to have in the house if you live in a hazardous part of the country where the climate can cause occasional windshield cracks.

Windshield Crack Repair Types

There are several different type of windshield crack types and each have a different type of event that make the crack unique and a different process to repair. We stress this because there's no one all solution to properly and safely fix a windshield crack. Below are some individualized types of windshield cracks, the associated repair solution, and the resin and tools to repair.

Bullseye Windshield Crack Repair


Star-Break Windshield Crack Repair


Long Crack Windshield Crack Repair


Understanding Different Windshield Cracks and Windshield Chip Breaks

Although we listed just four types of repairs there are several other breaks and more advanced windshield crack repair, where you have combination of breaks. Neverthless, let's break down the most common breaks that you'll find and what the best solution will be for repair. Most all the repairs we mention here are to be repaired with a professional windshield repair methods and professional windshield crack repair kit. The professional windshield repair tools and resins Ultra Bond offers are designed to ensure that your crack gets repaired with the maximum chemical bonding when attempting a repair. Not all kits you find on the Internet will do that. Our resins are patent protected and are industrial strength to ensure that the resin that holds to the windshield last a Life Time!

Bullseye Windshield Break

The Bullseye windshield crack is a very common type of crack that occurs and often involved with a combination crack, can be the result from an object hitting your windshield at high velocity and height. Often this is a result of a rock or stone hitting your windshield. The only way to safely repair this type of crack is with a 40 cps resin and of course using our wonder bar kit to set the resin in place. Also the bullseye crack is an older type of windshield crack and by older we mean cars that were built in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. These windshields were much heavier and very thick windshield and whenever a rock or stone hit the glass this type and shape crack would result. It's a very different type of crack to fix in that windshield.

Standard Windshield Crack Repair Kit


This is the Ultra Bond standard windshield crack repair kit and this kit is for those new to the windshield repair business and this kit helps chips in a windshield. It features the new and improved Wonder Bar, which has the self leveling tech to make sure you get an optimal layer of resin to fill the crack in the windshield.

Inside of this kit you'll have the following tools to handle common chips and pit breaks you'll run into:
Wonder Bar, Quick Turn Injector, Drill and much more, for more click standard windshield crack repair kit to learn more about this windshield crack repair kit.

Star-Break Windshield Crack

The Star-Break Crack is a type of windshield crack that is the most common break you'll see today. That's due to the way windshields are now made at only 5 mm thick with the three layers and pvd laminate layer, which is different that your older-day bullseye crack that resulted from a thicker windshield. However, the star-break crack is also one of the more difficult repairs that you'll run into because it often requires drilling and special tool called the Star Flexor Wonder Bar. Essentially what you have to do is repair not only the impact point, but the legs on the crack within the windshield.

Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kit


This is the Ultra Bond professional windshield crack and chip repair kits will take you from a beginner windshield repair technician to a pro! As mentioned in the starbust crack and edge crack one of the main advantages this kit has is that you can expand your windshield crack repair business by taking on long cracks. Never skip over another windshield that has a crack six inches or longer.

Safelite is telling the industry that you cannot make windshield repairs over a foot long and that's could'nt be further from the truth. Purchase this professional windshield chip and crack repair kit and have all the tools you need to handle advanced chips and long crack windshield repairs today!

Edge Crack Windshield Crack

The Edge Crack is the most common type of long crack you'll see in a windshield, in fact 90% of the long cracks you'll deal with will be from the edge of the windshield on any modern vehicle. The edge crack happens because of way windshield are made. Automobile manufactures today create windshields with tension in the windshield and due to cold weather affects from our planet's atmosphere, the cold weather cause elements to expand and contract; as a result, this can change the amount of tension in the windshield. This is a natural part of how windshields are designed, however, when the windshield goes through an expansion from heat or warmer temps, anything that strikes the glass with enough force will cause the windshield to break at the edge of a windshield, resulting in the longer than a foot longer crack.

Long Crack Windshield Crack

The Long Crack is a crack in a windshield that's longer than a foot and can be in any shape, however, the most common type of long crack is a horizontal shape. In fact, most of the long cracks will be an edge crack (as mentioned above) and closer to the edge of a windshield. Richard Campfield, Ultra Bond President and Inventor, created a windshield repair kit and repair process called the Meet In The Middle repair that enables the Crack Master Tool Complete to slide along the windshield horizontally to fill in structural adhesive resin to repair the crack after a curing process.

Combination Crack & Chip Break

The Combination Crack is the most advanced type of windshield break you can deal with. It will require vast experience to make the repair and a combination of drilling, tapping the impact point, using different resins to fill the pit and repairing the crack. You'll also use our professional windshield crack repair kits in order to successfully make these type of repairs. They are more rare, so if you bought one of the Ultra Bond standard kits, then you'll have to either purchase additional tools and structures to be able to make the repair or you can buy our Professional Crack Master Windshield Repair Kit.

As you can see there are several different types of cracks and all have different situational repairs that need professional kit and professional process where you must understand how to handle each crack. What's not often told about the way to repair a windshield crack comes down to the stresses in the windshield and not all kits have the proper tools to make sure the stress is handled correctly.