Windshield Crack Repair Kits

windshield-crack-repairWindshield crack repair is a technical process that involves a special process of fitting a resin that has a chemical bonding process to make a windshield crack disappear and ultimately form a bond that as strong as a new windshield. This is no easy feat and takes a professional windshield repair kit in order to make sure the resin's bond does not fade in a few months time after a repair.

Ultra Bond is the industry leader in manufacturing of windshield crack repair resin and windshield crack repair tools that will enable a trained professional the ability to repair just about any crack, chip or windshield damage. We've been in business sine the 1980s and have perfected an array of resins, tools, and process to ensure that we can bring solid solution to the market and real world.

What Makes Professional Windshield Crack Repair

It's Not Solely The Resins, It's The Process

There are so many windshield repair kits online and many of them offering a do-it-yourself solution to correct windshield damage. There are many different type of windshield breaks and damage and the major pitfall with these standard windshield repair kits is that they do not offer resins that will ensure the Strongest Possible Bond and give you a life-time guarantee that your windshield won't break again. Ultra Bond manufactures industrial strength resins with special chemical that ensures a strong bond and distributes professional windshield repair kits with all the items you need to repair your windshield as a pro or to have in the house if you live in a hazardous part of the country where the climate can cause occasional windshield cracks.

Windshield Crack Repair Types

There are several different type of windshield crack types and each have a different type of event that make the crack unique and a different process to repair. We stress this because there's no one all solution to properly and safely fix a windshield crack. Below are some individualized types of windshield cracks, the associated repair solution, and the resin and tools to repair.

Bullseye Windshield Crack Repair


Star Windshield Crack Repair


Long Windshield Crack Repair


Horseshoe Windshield Crack Repair


Understanding Different Windshield Cracks

Although we listed just four types of repairs there are several other breaks and more advanced windshield crack repair, where you have combination of breaks. Neverthless, let's break down the most common breaks that you'll find and what the best solution will be for repair. Most all the repairs we mention here are to be repaired with a professional windshield repair methods and professional windshield crack repair kit. The professional windshield repair tools and resins Ultra Bond offers are designed to ensure that your crack gets repaired with the maximum chemical bonding when attempting a repair. Not all kits you find on the Internet will do that. Our resins are patent protected and are industrial strength to ensure that the resin that holds to the windshield last a Life Time!

  • Bulls Eye Crack
    • The bulls eye windshield crack is a very common type of crack that occurs and often involved with a combination crack, can be the result from an object hitting your windshield at high velocity and height. Often this is a result of a rock or stone hitting your windshield. The only way to safely repair this type of crack is with a 40 cps resin and of course using our wonder bar kit to set the resin in place.
  • Star Crack
  • Cut Crack
  • Horseshoe Crack
  • Edge Crack
  • Long Crack
  • Combination Crack
  • Combination Different Crack
  • Combination Same and Different Crack

As you can see there are several different types of cracks and all have different situational repairs that need professional kit and professional process where you must understand how to handle each crack. What's not often told about the way to repair a windshield crack comes down to the stresses in the windshield and not all kits have the proper tools to make sure the stress is handled correctly.