Professional Crack Master Windshield Repair Kits

professional-crack-master-windshield-crack-repair-kit Ultra Bond's top-of-the-line Crack Master Windshield Repair Kits are the only professional windshield repair kits that can actually repair a crack in a windshield. Developed in the late 1980s by Richard Campfield, Ultra Bond was the only windshield repair company that had invented and patented the science on structural adhesive resin. Richard did not stop there, he also got patents on his windshield repair tools and to this day has 26 patents on windshield repair resins and professional windshield repair processes such as The Meet In The Middle repair technique that repairs long cracks more than a foot long in a windshield. The Crack Master Windshield Repair Kit Line is meant for individuals that are mechanically inclined and have extensive experience repairing windshields.

What's In The Professional Crack Master Kits?

Take On Long Windshield Crack Repair, Versatile Tool Set professional-crack-master-windshield-crack-repair-kits

Ultra Bond has three different kits that classify as a Crack Master Kit. They are specifically designed to enable amateurs to expand their existing business by handling more advanced windshield cracks and chips. Our standard windshield repair kit, at $499 price point, only gives you the ability to repair small chips at best. By no means is our starter windshield repair kit inferior, it's still the only baseline kit that's actually repairing the windshield and uses the Ultra Bond structural adhesive resin, which we're the only company with that technology. Neverthless, the Crack Master Kits, give you more tools enabling you to become more agile and ready on your repair jobs, here's a list of the parts inside the kit:

What Type Of Windshield Repairs Can I Make With The Crack Master Kit

As mentioned earlier, with the Crack Master Series Kit, you'll have access to the crack master tools and you'll be able to repair:

  • Long Cracks
  • Stone Breaks
  • Chips

Long Windshield Crack Repair, is a very complex repair and has a reputation (Safelite False Claim), that cracks in a windshield over a foot long cannot be repaired. This is a false claim and Ultra Bond recently won a Supreme Court ruling about this marketing misconception. Long Cracks can be repaired and only Ultra Bond has the patent that backs up our tools, our resins, and repair process. In fact, our long crack windshield repair tools/resins, were lab tested by ASTM Flexural Strength Tests and rated very safe by ASTM Lab Test, click the link to the right to see the full report break down of the penetration test. So let the record illustrate that the tools in the Crack Master Kit, will repair any long crack in a windshield. There are several steps in making this repair successful, however, you'll have the:

  • Long Crack Repair Slider
  • Crack Opener
  • 200 CPS Long Crack Resin Drops
  • 400 CPS Long Crack Resin Drops
  • 2400 CPS Long Crack Resin Drops
  • 1600 CPS Long Crack Resin Injector
  • 2400 CPS Long Crack Resin Injector
  • And Several More Parts, Too Many To List, See Link Above To Top Crack Master Kit

Each of the items listed above to handle long crack repair have several steps to actually make the repair. 90% of all the long cracks are a direct result from an edge crack that takes place from the edge of the windshield. Due to how a modern windshield is created, the tension and environment forces holding the windshield together will loose the energy that creates the tension and naturally originating from the edge. The process starts with using the 1600 cps injector or the 2400 cps injector depending on the outside temp (in which you'll use a different resin threshold) to inject into the edge of the windshield. This will take place approximately 4 inches from the edge of the windshield. This resin is needed because it's thicker and actually recreates the bond that was created from the factor. In fact, as the lab test show above, the 1600 cps injector or 2400 cps injector creates a stronger than a new windshield bond. After you successfully inject the first resin, you'll take your long crack slider and with one to two drops of 240 cps resin drops, you'll fill your quick-turn injector. From there you'll place the long crack slider complete tool on the long crack and slide along the crack to the injecting the resin. There are two different resins that can be used to fill the crack the 200 CPS and the 400 CPS. As mentioned a few brief moments ago, they each have temps you need to abide by when using them. This is one of the main points when thinking about using Ultra Bond over the rest like Delta Kits, Glasweld, Glass Technology, and any el cheapo kit from Advanced Auto Parts, Oriellys, Auto Zone, is that these resin options enable to make sure you're getting the bonding process to take place. None of the other kits on the market including most do-it-yourself kits are minding environment conditions or use structural adhesives to complete the bonding process inside the windshield. With these versatile options inside your professional windshield repair kit, you can confidently approach a long crack windshield and repair it. Even better, after you finish repairing your customer's windshield, you can have peace-of-mind knowing the windshield is actually safe and stronger than new windshield.

Crack Master Professional Windshield Repair Training

It's no secret by now, that you can tell, that Ultra Bond really is the only windshield repair company that offers real windshield restoration by looking at some of the brief marketing points, including the break down of what's in the kit. Never be fooled by images alone, like most organizations on the web (Delt Kits), have these images with tools in them, but none of them are backed up by any lab test and industry standards; that's the difference. Ultra Bond also stands out more, because we offer very good training videos where you can learn the repair process, learn industry science, learn about the tools, and get on track to start your professional windshield repair training. Most of our licensees become ready for professional repairs after their 10th windshield repair. As with anything in life the 10,000 hour rule applies and practice makes perfect. The link to the right, will highlight more of the types of breaks you'll come across broken down for newbies and there's one of our latest training videos where you can watch Richard Campfield repair chips and long cracks on a real windshield.


All Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit


Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit


Standard Windshield Crack Repair Kit


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If you're seriously thinking about starting a windshield repair business and you like what you've read and seen in our Professional Crack Master Windshield Repair Kits, then you should take a look at starting your own windshield repair business with Ultra Bond. We offer the industries only real TRUE windshield repair resins and repair process. There are several benefits in choosing Ultra Bond as you're sole supplier of windshield structural adhesive resin, long crack repair tool, chip repair tool, and many other tools; however, we also offer a Marketing Support Services that will enable you to get to market and avoid having to wait to open your business because of the high cost of internet marketing. Save thousands of dollars with Ultra Bond's Business Development, get a FREE Website, FREE Adwords Setup, FREE SEO, and get your services to market in your local area asap! Click the banner to learn more about starting your windshield repair business today!

rich-ultrabond Hi I'm Richard Campfield, President of Ultra Bond and inventor of how to fix a windshield crack repair. I have over 20 patents since 1992 for windshield repair. To the left, I'll give you a complete break down of what you will most commonly see in the field and the information you need to know to confidently diagnosis and successfully perform a repair. 90% of all windshield crack repair is about dealing with windshield stress.  Windshields these days are more about being a safety-shield, airbag backboard and roof support. Naturally these stresses will cause cracks and or a variety of chips. I offer advanced training videos, manuals and one-on-one training to professionally handle any type of windshield repair job.