Professional Windshield Repair Kit


What separates Ultra Bond from the many different options in the windshield crack repair industry is the professional grade of windshield repair resin and windshield repair tools that we manufacture. Made right here in the USA, Ultra Bond, developed the Stronger Than New Windshield formula and process that's enabling a vast array of customers we supply to expand their businesses with confidence.

What Makes Professional Windshield Crack Repair

Structural Adhesives Is Key To The Repair, Many Vendors Don't Have It

There are several vendors selling do-it-yourself windshield crack repair kits online with discount and or low prices. Most consumers mistake these diy windshield repair kits as kits that can handle pits, stone breaks, and cracks. This could'nt be further from the truth; in fact, there's not one do-it-yourself windshield crack repair kit that can effectively and safely repair a windshield from a stone break, chip, and or long crack. You need special tools and more importantly a structural resin in order to get the structure and core of the windshield restored in order to actually have made the repair. What's scary is that the kits sold in Auto Zone, Oriellys, Advanced Auto Parts, Delta Kits, GlassWeld, etc don't have resins that are structurally adhesive; meaning they didn't really repair the windshield at all! Invididuals are driving around thinking that their windshield is repaired when it's not. This is where the difference lies in professional windshield repair vs a do-it-yourself approach and or replacing a windshield; both are inferior and unsafe practices.

Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kits

Ultra Bond has a special series of professional windshield repair kits that are known as Ultra Bond's Crack Master Series and these feature the new Wonder Bar that enables a professional technicians to be more versatile in their ability to repair more advance breaks like long cracks, combination cracks, and edge cracks. Inside of these kits are the necessary tools and resins to make these repairs and restore customer vehicle windshields to, "Strong Than A New Windshield" status. Walk away from your windshield repair jobs satisfied and with peace-of-mind knowing that your repair is made to last and safe for the customer.

Crack Master Professional Windshield Repair Kit Series

Here's at Ultra Bond, we offer three different kits that professionals use. We feature a standard professional kit, where you can repair chips, we feature a second level all pro windshield chip and crack repair kit, and then the professional crack master kit where you can repair chips and cracks with a secondary crack master complete tool kit. In some situations you mind find that you'll employee two crack master windshield complete tools. The great thing about this tool is that it can be quickly transformed from fixing a chip to a long crack. The crack master complete tool splits apart leaving you with a crack opener to open the middle pvb layer and the ability to use the long crack slider tool to slide along the crack and fill in the resin. There's much more to making a professional repair like a floating crack, edge crack and long crack repair, see the link above for more of a break down on each of these repairs.


Crack Master Windshield Kit


Crack & Chip Repair Kit


Windshield Chip Repair Kit


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rich-ultrabond Hi I'm Richard Campfield, President of Ultra Bond and inventor of how to fix a windshield crack repair. I have over 20 patents since 1989 for windshield repair resins. To the left, I'll give you a complete break down of what you'll most commonly see in the field and the information you need to know to confidently diagnosis and successfully repair. 90% of all windshield crack repair is about dealing with stress cracks.

Windshields these days are more about safety shield and roof support. Naturally these stresses will cause cracks and or variety of chips. My I offer advanced training videos and one-on-one training to professional handle any type of windshield repair job.