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Using Google Adwords To Market Your Windshield Repair Business: An FAQ


long crack resinWhen it comes to running a small business such as windshield repair, reaching out to the right market is key to getting a consistent customer base. Most business owners know digital communications have a significant impact on how they run their business, but being aware of the advertising resources available is the best way to build your overall marketing strategy. Here's a quick FAQ about how to effectively use Google Adwords as a part of your windshield repair business' digital marketing strategy.

How should I decide on a budget for Google Adwords?
To decide on a budget for your Google Adwords campaign, ask yourself one simple question: how much are you willing to spend on each customer? You should also think about your overall goal for the campaign and how many extra customers you'd like to gain per week. Experts generally recommend aiming for a two to one return on your campaign investment.

How do I research my target market?
Finding your target market is often more difficult than it seems. The key concept to keep in mind is that a more narrow and targeted approach typically yields better results. It also helps to examine your current customer base and create the ad accordingly. For example, a windshield repair can often be done by a mobile service provider in only 30 minutes, and if your customers value your prompt service, it's worth mentioning in the ad. Another general tip is to focus on a particular brand, vehicle model, or windshield repair product, such as long crack resins or professional windshield repair kits.

How do I select the right keywords for my campaign?
Selecting keywords for your windshield repair business' Google Adwords campaign should be approached like any other Google Adwords campaign. The most important tip to remember is that the more specific keywords you can generate, the better results you'll get. It also helps to think of phrases that people literally type into Google.

Ultimately, knowing the answers to these common questions about Google Adwords can help you make the best digital marketing decisions for your windshield repair business. For more information about long crack resins, contact Ultrabond.

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