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New Windshield Crack Repair Resin Injector


For the Edge area of a long crack windshield repair our new injector syringe pressure injects the edge area of an edge crack directly from the syringe. The edge area is from the edge of the windshield in 4-5 inches, this is where there is installation stress in the glass and the gap of the crack is the widest. Our two windshield crack repair resins used in the edge area are 1600 and 2400. Theses two long crack resins are now available in their own injector syringe.

If you have one of our windshield crack repair kits with the long crack repair tool this syringe injector can be used to injector slide instead of using our stainless steel injector for the edge area. If you do not have one of our long crack repair kits see the instructions below.

With the see through UV protected syringe you can see exactly how the resin is going into the crack. The syringe tip also leaves a perfect bead on top of the crack for tabbing at the same time you are injecting. You will also not have to fill or refill. When the unit is empty you can throw it away. Our 1600 and 2400 edge crack resins will now be available in the new UV protective injector syringe.

How to use - Remove the cap and place the tip at a 90 degree angle flush on the crack and hold it down firmly against the glass. Push lightly on the plunger and slide down the crack. Tip - use two hands, one to hold it firm against the glass and the other to lightly push the plunger. Starting from the edge of the windshield slide in toward the point until the crack closes up and will no longer easily take edge crack resin. Slide off the crack with the tip still flush against the glass and pull up the plunger slightly so you do not spill or waste any resin. Then immediately place the cap back on the tip. The syringe and tip are UV protected. Get yours for only $27.00.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • No filling and refilling
  • View of the resin injection
  • Pressure injects and leaves a bead of resin on the top of the crack for tabbing
  • No cleaning

How to repair an edge crack using the Ultra Bond Classic Crackmaster and the new edge crack resin injector.

For those you that do not have our long crack repair kit you can use the Classic Crackmaster Bridge to repair a crack by straddling the crack, use a liberal amount of vaseline on the suction cups as you have more contact with the glass than with our long crack tool.

You will be straddling the point section of the crack with your Classic Crackmaster windshield repair tool, that is our tool that has two suction cups. You will inject the front half of the crack with this tool filled with 400 long crack repair resin. You will use the new injector syringe at the edge area of the crack with the edge crack resin in the syringe.

  1. Drill and tap a bullseye at the point 1/8 in front of the tip so the tip/point of the crack runs into the bullseye.
  2. Mount the Classic with a liberal amount of petroleum jelly/vaseline on the suction cups a few inches down the crack. Slide it back and forth to lubricate the glass with the vaseline where you anticipate you will be sliding to in the middle of the crack.
  3. Use 400 resin in your injector and mount at the drilled hole. Do two cycles of vacuum and pressure and leave the injector on pressure.
  4. Mount one crack opener about one inch from your injector at the point. If you do not have a crack-opener- they only cost $70.00, an investment that you will profit from after only one crack repair.)
  5. If you only have one crack opener, lubricate the crack opener suction cups with petroleum jelly in case you need to slide the crack opener a couple of inches. If you have two crack openers place another next to or near the first one.
  6. Now turn the bolt(s) of the crack opener(s) until you see the 400 start to enter the crack then stop.
  7. Now go to the edge and inject the edge crack resin using the injector syringe into the edge area, which is the first 4 or 5 inches.
  8. Slide off the crack and pull up on the plunger so you do not waste any resin, then wipe off the tip and put the cap back on the injector syringe.
  9. Now go back to the point and start sliding slowly down the crack keeping resin in front of the injector at all times. Slide until you meet the edge crack resin in the middle of the crack.
  10. Place a bead of 2400 resin on the top of the crack where needed and cover with the mylar tab or use whitish scotch tape which is made with mylar - see our training videos.
  11. Remove the crack-opener and cure the injected crack.
  12. Slice off the cured resin and scotch tape from the surface with your razor blade at a 45 degree.
  13. Clean the windshield and you are done.Tip -always wipe off vaseline with a dry towel first before spraying glass cleaner.

Get yours for only $27.00.

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