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How You Can Make Your Windshield Repair Business Stands Out


windshield crack repair kitIn order to advertise your windshield repair company, it's important that you be able to provide a number of repair types for your consumers that saves them money especially repairing a long crack which is a repair versus replacement situation and is an immediate savings of hundreds of dollars for your customers. Why should a consumer use your business, for instance, when they can use another business with a windshield crack repair kit or windshield repair resins?

A windshield crack repair kit in the hands of a true professional is an increasingly popular solution for cash-strapped and safety conscious consumers, which is why more auto glass repair shops use these kits. A windshield crack repair kit can repair repair most windshields that are being replaced. There are a number of windshield cracks and stone damages that your business should be able to provide service for including:

  • Edge cracks: The edge crack is the cause of most windshield replacements and stems from defects around the perimeter of the windshield. It is a single straight line crack with a small impact within about two inches of the glass edge which is where the defects in the windows are. It will initially be about 8 to 10 inches long. If it is not repaired after a few months, it can become unrepairable when it grows to over 18 inches. This is when the crack opens up wider at the edge area, which allows dust and dirt into the rack.
  • Surface chips: One of the most common windshield damages. Chips are small indents in the outer layer of glass that have not penetrated to the laminate where a tiny piece of the windshield is missing. Not a repair that is charged for, as it can only be pit-filled.
  • Rock chips or stone-breaks: Small cracks in the windshield that are typically less than quarter-sized. This kind of damage is caused by a tiny stone impact.
  • Stress cracks: Typically, the result of high temperature changes caused by the black frit, these kinds of long cracks are straight lines formed along the edge of the windshield without any kind of impact.
  • Stone breaks: A small break caused in the windshield as a result of a stone making contact with the windshield. If left untreated, these stone chips can turn into long cracks from severe temperatures or sudden temperature changes such as a defroster on cold glass. When these stone chips crack-out it is called a “floater crack”. This long crack windshield repair that does not run into the edge of the windshield is not as common as the edge crack repair and takes much more time to repair.

A professional windshield repair business is trustworthy and considerate to their customers while using professional windshield repair tools and proven high quality windshield repair resin. However, in order to properly compete in the windshield repair business, you need to be able to provide the services that other auto glass businesses or repair kits can't provide.

According to national statistics, 80% of glass replacements on cars are installed poorly. Be the business that repairs them correctly and safely to prevent this and your business will be remembered by customers any time they or their friends or family members needs auto glass repair service.

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