How To Get Paid by Insurance for Long Crack Repair

Posted by Richard Campfield on Oct 1st 2020

Option # 1. When you have a customer with a long crack that you have quoted $100 and you cannot close them for an appointment, Tell them that they have already paid for it through their insurance policy (do not use the word FREE - because it is not, they paid for the coverage) Ask the customer do you have comprehensive insurance. If they do not know what that is, ask them what year is their car. All newer cars will have comprehensive coverage and all cars not fully paid for will too. Tell the customer they will only pay about $30-$40. Insurance will pay about $63. If this gets them ready to set an appointment, you tell them to bring in their proof of insurance card they have in their vehicle (the one you give the police when they pull you over) and you will make the call and do the rest. It is easier if we make the phone call together, If the customer makes it themselves they could be steered and misled into unnecessary replacement by Safelite and you will lose the job. You can tell the consumer Safelite is being sued for deceiving millions of consumers out of billions of dollars for lying about repairable damage so they can sell them a much more expensive replacement. The Standard in the United States for repair is 14-inches.

Before making the call for the consumer, tell them their insurer has Safelite answering their phone and Safelite has been sued for deceiving consumers into unnecessary replacements by telling them it cannot be repaired if it is longer than a dollar bill or six inches when the standard in the United States is 14 inches called The Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS) . When you call the claim phone number on the insurance card do not let the consumer do this by themself; put the phone on speaker (record it if possible) to prevent Safelite from deceiving the consumer. When Safelite tries to turn it into a replacement, you then step in and tell Safelite this is a repair, not a replacement. Safelite will then ask you to accept a price of a chip for the repair. YOU say NO, this is a long crack, not a chip and my price is $100. Safelite will then tell the insured that you are charging more than the fair and reasonable rate in your area (which is another lie) and that they will have to pay the difference. After Satellite tells the lie, inform the Safelite CSR, you know that Saflelite is being sued for doing what you just did.

Option # 2. Have the customer take the invoice to their agent with a letter that you give them that says you are using Safelite to administer your claims and they are being sued for deceiving millions of consumers out of billions of dollars by lying about repairable damage so they can sell me an unnecessary replacement. And give them the first page of our Summary Judgment Motion. 

My policy says that my insurer will waive the deductible and pay for a windshield repair. Here is the invoice I paid and I expect to be reimbursed the full amount. 

I don't approve of you (my insurer) putting me in a position to be deceived into an expense replacement and you know about this lawsuit.