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Exploring The Do's and Don'ts Of Opening A Windshield Repair Business: Part 2


In the last post, we talked about some of the most critical do's and don'ts to keep in mind when opening a windshield repair business. However, it's important to remember that opening a windshield repair business requires complete knowledge, and no stone can be left unturned when it comes to making sure you're properly prepared. Here are some more do's and don'ts to remember before launching your own windshield repair service.

Do: Go Mobile
Today, many auto glass services have found success by offering on-the-go windshield repairs. By going directly to a customer's home or place of work, you can easily gain a competitive edge over your competition. If you're a one-man shop, then you may not even need a physical location at first. Regardless of your size, offering mobile windshield repair services can help your new business succeed.

DO: Understand Your Products
Both you and your employees should have a detailed understanding of any products, tools, or services that you offer. For example, if your business uses a number of windshield repair resins, your entire team should be able to answer questions about them. You must be able to explain the difference between long crack resins and other popular types of windshield crack resins.

DON'T: Neglect Startup Requirements
Each and every state has its own set of rules and requirements for opening windshield repair businesses. Fortunately, online resources have made it easier than ever to determine the specific requirements in your state. This list is just one of many that breaks down state-by-state startup regulations and allows your small business to get licensed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DO: Be receptive to customer/employee feedback
One major component of running any type of successful business is being open to constructive criticism and consistently trying to improve overall business operations. Whether you set up a suggestion box, an email account, or simply encourage employees to talk to you in person, having an outlet for employees to voice their concerns can work wonders in improving the work environment. In addition, don't be afraid to solicit honest feedback from customers.

DON'T: Ignore The Power Of a Web Presence
Finally, creating a strong digital presence for your windshield repair service is a surefire way to increase visibility and get more customers. While a professional business website is essential, you need more than a single landing page to thrive online. If you aren't ready to dive right into social media marketing, then start by creating a business page with Google. This will allow you to start collecting customer reviews and hopefully show up in local search results.

Ultimately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifies a car's windshield as one of the primary components of a vehicle's safety restraint system. Anyone considering entering the windshield repair industry should fully understand that the quality and care of their work directly impacts the safety of drivers.

For more information about long crack resins and our professional windshield repair kits, contact Ultra Bond today.

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