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Digital Tools To Boost The Sales Of Your Windshield Repair Business (Part 2)


In the last post, we discussed some digital advertising mediums and techniques auto glass repair shops should be using to inform their customers about car windshield crack repair kits abilities and service options. However, it's important to know how to make the most of these strategies to maximize their effects. If you're an auto glass expert that's new to the world of digital marketing, then here's part two of our guide on how to boost the sales and visibility of your auto glass repair shop in the digital age.

Understand The Power of a Captivating Call-To-Action

Many advertisers seem to think that a call-to-action is only necessary when using a more conversational advertising medium such as Facebook. But despite the method, medium, or context, adding a succinct and appealing call-to-action gives customers a reason to do just that -- take action -- after reading your business's message.

One of the most effective calls-to-action simply makes reference to an upcoming promotion ("Stop in this weekend and receive 25% off car windshield crack repair kits repairable damage!"). But don't be afraid to experiment with other call-to-action options and examine the results carefully. For instance, many websites now use pop-up modal windows to encourage users to provide their email address, which can help you build your email marketing list.

Provide Customers With Actionable Information and Practical Tips

It's no secret that there's a ton of information online that's misinformed and often entirely incorrect. This is especially true in the world of windshield repair kits. For instance, most large auto glass companies and insurance company third party administrators don't want their customers to know that there are windshield repair resins that can repair long cracks. Because of this, your customers rely on you to give them accurate, honest information about their car's windshield.

In fact, you can use the power of facts to boost your customer base. When creating online content, you shouldn't write overly promotional content 100% of the time. Instead, incorporate facts, statistics, and practical tips into your digital and social media marketing materials. This information should encourage people to think about the condition of their vehicles and consider their own safety.

For example, recent national statistics show nearly eight out of 10 auto glass replacements fail to be installed properly and safely. You can use this fact to your advantage by emphasizing the time and care you put into each and every windshield repair or replacement job. This isn't a scare tactic, but rather, a wake up call to the harsh truths of auto maintenance. Not all windshield repair shops emphasize quality, and drivers, especially those with small children, want to feel safe when driving their vehicle.

Ultimately, understanding the most powerful advertising mediums and using these digital strategies can help you advertise your windshield repair shop to a wider market. By taking advantage of the power of the internet, you can help your business grow and get more lifetime customers in the door. For more information about car windshield crack repair kits, contact Ultrabond.

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