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Debunking Social Media Marketing Myths for Windshield Repair Companies (Part 2)


windshield repair technologyIn the last post, we uncovered some of the most common myths surrounding social media marketing, particularly when it comes to windshield repair businesses. However, there are several more myths that need to be debunked in order to give you a clear idea of how to best relate to and engage with potential customers and clients using specific social media strategies. Here's part two of our guide that addresses some more common myths about social media marketing and windshield repair technology.

Windshield repair businesses should focus on quantity over quality of social media posts

This is majorly misinformed and can cause your company's social media engagement rates to plummet. It's never good to post just for the sake of posting, but you also shouldn't be waiting too long between posts. The key is to find the right balance between quality and quantity. Typically, a few posts a week is sufficient to keep audiences engaged without annoying them or making them feel spammed. And of course, you don't want your company's content to be 100% blatantly advertorial, either. Discuss your product's capabilities with your windshield repair kits and long crack resins as much as you want, but let your company speak for itself in terms of customer service, reliability, and support.

Audiences will grow bored with reading posts that have too many technical terms

This is ultimately subjective, but many times customers actually enjoy and appreciate reading about a business's technology, and in the windshield repair industry, there's plenty of fascinating technology involved. For example, when glass is under load or tension it will bend and accommodate stress to a certain level and then suddenly fail once its threshold is met. This threshold for a windshield lite is approximately 9,400 psi. This interesting tidbit could be turned into an entire social media post explaining how the different thresholds are met and how they can impact a vehicle and the passengers within it. There's always a unique and creative way to communicate information, even if it seems dry and lackluster.

Ultimately, knowing the realities behind these misconceptions can help you maximize the effect of your windshield repair business's social media impact. For more information about windshield repair technology, contact Ultrabond.

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