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Windshield Repair Videos

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Windshield Repair Training from Ultra Bond founder Richard Campfield

Windshield repair training and how to practice windshield chip repairs before you start doing repairs for customers. Here is technical information you need to know about windshield stresses and how the windshield repair tool needs to overcome these stresses in order for the windshield repair resin to work

How Windshield Repair Resins Work

Learn the science behind windshield repair resins and understand why Ultra Bond's windshield repair resins are the best in the industry.

Windshield Crack Repair Educational Training and Instruction

Learn from the creator of long crack windshield repair about the properties and science of long crack windshield repair and why the tools, techniques and resins you use matters for long-term and quality windshield repairs.

Windshield Crack Repair "3 Injector Method" by Ultra Bond‬

Ultra Bond founder Richard Campfield is the original inventor of windshield crack repair. This patented windshield repair resin process know as the Multi-Viscosity Method after 20 years is still the only durable crack repair system in the world.

Alternative Methods to Filling a Stubborn Windshield Break

Windshield chips and crack repair using Ultra Bond's patented methods, tools and resins is easy to do. Occasionally, you will encounter a windshield break that requires additional techniques to repair the windshield. Learn from Rich Campfield, inventor and windshield repair businessman, how to complete a stubborn windshield repair.

Windshield Crack Repair "Two Step Method" by Ultra Bond Inc.‬

Ultra Bond founder Richard Campfield is the original inventor of windshield crack repair. This patented process after 20 years is still the only correct process on the market today and is the only wndshield repair kit available for the repair of windshield cracks.

Headlight Restoration


The fastest and easiest Headlight Restoration System in the world is our UV Curing Spray-On Headlight Restoration. It restores the headlights back to OEM condition using the same chemicals used by vehicle manufacturers. No buffing, no polishing and no electricity is needed.

Ultra Bond Windshield Repair - Grand Junction

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Ultra Bond Windshield Repair - Flexing

Flexing a leg (crack) of a stone-break is one of the two motor skills required to do perfect repairs. This is a Real Time live video.

Ultra Bond Windshield Chip Repair in less than 60 seconds

The Ultra Bond Classic Crack Master Tool repairs most stone-breaks in less than 60 seconds. This is because of the design of the tool which flexes open the break, vacuums in seconds and then with controlled pressure completely fills every void.

Most Complex Windshield Chip Repair - Combo Star Break

Windshield Chip Repair - Pressure control and flexing from the windshield repair tool and manual flexing to fill a complex star break with multiple legs.

Ultra Bond Windshield Chip Repair

Ultra Bond's method of repairing a chip that has a large pit is the easiest and most effective method on the market. Real time live video.

Fixing a Difficult Windshield Crack Repair with a Double Star Impact

This repair shows you how to seal and separate the impact break so you can repair it just like a normal stone-break after you have repaired and cured the crack. This repair has many techniques that you need to know when things do not go as planned. What makes this repair difficult is it had a double star impact break.

Windshield Crack Repair Resin from Ultra Bond

"Meet in the Middle" is one of the patented long crack repair methods of Ultra Bond. This method requires two injectors and one sliding holding structure. Real Time live video shot from Ultra Bond's windshield repair business in Grand Junction, Colorado.

How to Clean Your Ultra Bond CrackMaster Tools

Cleaning your Ultra Bond tools is as easy as using them. Here is a quick overview of how to clean the tools and when to clean them.

Auto Glass Week 2014 - Via AGRR Mag

Auto Glass Week 2014 kicks off

Ultra Bond Windshield Chip Repair

The Ultra Bond method for the repair of a partial bullseye is done in less than one minute with the help of the drill. The partial bullseye break is a No-Drill No-Fill break, which means if you do not drill it will not fill. One out of every four windshield breaks is a partial bullseye. This is a live real time video.

Windshield Repair TV Commercial by Ultra Bond‬

Ultra Bond Windshield Repair TV commercial for owners of windshield crack repair kits and windshield repair businesses to combat the Insurance Industry's use of Third Party Administrators who are also windshield manufacturers (conflict-of-interest) that steer and deceive thousands of consumers per day out of hundreds of dollars by telling them a repairable crack is not repairable and replaces the windshield. Since most consumers have a $500. deductible the insurance company escapes paying for a repair covered in the policy and the windshield manufacturer on the phone adjusting and processing the claim (fox guarding the hen-house) sells a windshield.

Ultra Bond Windshield Repair

Ultra Bond Windshield Repair by Dex Knows

Insurance Windshield Repair Claims‬

Beware when calling your insurance company for a windshield claim. They have windshield manufacturers processing their claims who are not honest about what is repairable so they can steer you into a unnecessary windshield replacement, costing you hundreds of dollars more.

Kurtis Investigates: Faulty Windshield Repair

Special news segment exposing the lack of tracking in windshield replacements and the consequenses for the consumer.

12" Edge Crack Windshield Repair with an Unusual Star Impact Point

Watch how easy it is to repair an unusual and complex windshield crack.  To learn more about the head-on angle and profile of the star break mentioned at the end of the video, please refer to our windshield repair training manual.

One Drop Windshield Chip Repair

Ultra Bond's Crackmaster windshield repair tool is so efficient it can fill a chip with just one drop. Watch as Rich Campfield quickly and easily repairs a stone break in this windshield using just one drop of resin.

Choosing the Right Glass to Practice Windshield Repair

A great way to practice your windshield repair skills is by creating your own breaks on a flat piece of glass.  Rich Campfield, from Ultra Bond, shows you the piece of glass he recommends.


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