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(1) New Tests Confirm Ultra Bond's Windshield Crack Repair Resins Stronger than the Glass

(2) Supreme Court. . .study shows Ultra Bond windshield repair resin as strong as glass...read more

(3) Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Resin Remains Intact after Rollover Crash...read more

(4) Ultra Bond windshield Repair Resin Remains Adhered to glass in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 205 Impact and Penetration tests. (PDF)

(5) Test show laminated glass cracked and repaired with Ultra Bond Resin is stronger than new glass. Resin marked # 6 is our 1600 resin, and # 8 is our 2400 resin. (PDF)

Starting a New Business?

Our CrackMaster Windshield Repair Kit, Stone Damage or Ultra Stone Damage Repair Kit are for you. The Crack Master kit can do both chips and long cracks. The Stone Damage and Ultra Stone Damage kits repair chips and stone breaks.

Already in Business?

We have five updgrade kits that switch you to the patented, Ultra Bond system. The Maximum Upgrade Kit allows you to do both chips and crack repairs. Expand your market into crack reapirs with the Deluxe Upgrade Kit.

Convert your existing windshield repair system or glass repair kit to an Ultra BOND windshield repair kit and you can double your windshield repair business income while saving consumers hundreds of dollars. Ultra Bond can repair damage that the competitors cannot touch. Auto Glass Repair Kit reviews show Ultra Bond has the highest repair ratio and the highest average invoice in the industry. This means your income will be 100% higher by using a windshield repair kit from Ultra Bond. Call us for windshield repair statistics at actually auto glass repair shops. Ultra Bond invented windshield crack repair and was the first to offer windshield crack repair kits.

Business Opportunity - Interested in owning your own windshield repair business?

Those who use the patented Ultra Bond windshield repair system make twice as much income. With Ultra Bond you are able to market the consumer and see a profit because Ultra Bond is the only windshield repair sytem that repairs versus replaces.

Peruse through all categories to see all of the unique supplies and chemicals such as Epoxy Primer for the only windshield repair epoxies on the market. Our epoxies do not need to be covered with Mylar to cure. Our hybrids are another new chemistry that that was introduced by Ultra Bond. Ultra Bond has brought more new products to the market that any windshield repair manufacturer in the world such as long crack resins, long crack primers, additives, X-Phobic to remove Rain-X out of a break so your resin can bond to the glass. Xtra Bond can give you more adhesion to the glass when you have an old break that may have contamination and the only rain proof resin and additives because mother nature is not always going to cooperate with your schedule.

At Ultra Bond we also operate a full scale windshield repair business and we know what you need in the real world which is why we have the supplies and chemistry you will not find anywhere else. It is the little differences that makes you more efficient such as the best cordless drill to use, UV Spray headlight lens restoration, custom fit sun screen, double piston o-rings for leak proof functioning, cylinder Q-rings, suction cup adaptors, UV bulbs and UV replacement bulbs. Simple ideas make your work more enjoyable like our injector caps which allow you to cap your injector and put it away until the next repair without having to worry about your resin curing in your injector from sunlight exposure, which can be time consuming to then clean off and even sometimes ruin your injector by bonding it together.