UV Lights & Accessories

Automotive UV lights and lighting accessories cure your windshield repair resin for a strong, secure bond. Ultra Bond provides several different options of UV curing lights to choose from so we can better fit your windshield repair business needs.

From UV light holders to replacement bulbs, we’re your one-stop-shop for automotive UV curing light solutions. Shop our selection today to find the highest quality UV lights and accessories in the auto glass repair industry. Need help selecting the correct products for your business? Contact us at 1-800-398-2663 and one of our knowledgeable windshield crack repair experts will help you find what you need.

  • 12 Volt Power Inverter

    Plugs into vehicle's accessory outlet.  This is great for our 120 Volt (110V) UV lights. 140W of continuous of power with 280W peak 2-amp USB charging port for 2x faster charging of portable electronic devices 120V AC outlet allows for charging of... read more

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  • 15 Watt 120 Volt UV Curing Light for Windshield Repair

    Ultra Bond

    15 Watt 120 Volt Light

    This is a 15 watt light about 24" long and weighs 12 oz. Plugs into a regular 110 wall outlet. Cure time is 1-2 minutes and coverage area is 15 inches. Best light for speed and long cracks. read more

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  • 8 Watt 120 Volt Light

    Ultra Bond

    8 Watt 120 Volt UV Light

    This is an 8 watt light about 18" long and weighs 10 oz. Plugs into a regular wall outlet.  Includes 2 Universal light holders. ***Light that is received may look slightly different than the one pictured*** read more

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  • Universal UV Light Holder

    Ultra Bond

    Universal UV Light Holder

    This UV light holder can hold any light in place at any angle needed on any part of the windshield. We recommend buying two if you do long cracks. read more

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