Edgeguard - Windshield Replacement

When a windshield replacement is needed, don't install the windshield without our Edgeguard Protective Coating.  Windshields are manufactured with weak spots along the edge.  This quick to install, protective coating can help resist future edge cracks.

  • Ultra Bond


    Rain-X remover and cleaner. Most breaks and crack have been exposed to road contaminents, car washes and windshield washer fluids and any of these contaminents can have a molecular bond to the glass which can block your resin from bonding to the glass... read more

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  • xtra Bond

    Ultra Bond

    Xtra Bond

    Xtra Bond (patent pending) is the first and only adhesion promoter for windshield repair. It will allow windshield repair adhesives to have a greater bond to the windshield glass by etching and priming the surface of the crack. read more

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