Drills and Drill Bits

Fixing cracks and chips in a windshield without reliable windshield repair drills and drill bits can be a difficult task, and can even result in a poor repair. Set your business up for success with the auto glass repair industry’s most efficient drills and drill bits available from Ultra Bond. Our windshield repair drills are effective, easy to use, and help you reduce your cost per repair (CPR). They’re cordless, so they’re easy to maneuver and you don’t need an outlet to perform repairs.

Ultra Bond also offers quality drill bits for windshield repairs. They come in packs of ten and are available in both tapered and round head styles. When you use these windshield drill bits with the windshield drills we provide, your repairs become much more efficient so you can repair more and waste less.

Shop our drills and drill bits today or give us a call at 1-800-398-2663 and one of our knowledgeable windshield repair specialists will be happy to help.

  • Cordless 6v Drill

    Ultra Bond

    Cordless 6v Drill

    Compact and lightweight for easy handling Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included to reduce shipping weight)  eliminates the battery charger and having to recharge Color and make may vary by avialability read more

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  • 7.2 v cordless drill for windshield chip repair

    Ultra Bond

    Cordless 7.2v Drill

    This more powerful drill will prolong drill bit life by 300%. This is a good drill to use once you have some experience. It will drill holes very fast so care needs to be taken so you do not go too deep. With more powerful drills the drill does the... read more

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  • Round Head Drill Bits

    Ultra Bond

    Round Head Drill Bits

    These round head bits make a smaller hole. You must use a smaller needle to tap a bullseye or you can chip the glass because our regular needle is fatter than the drilled hole.The drill holes will be barely visible when finished. The round heads also do... read more

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