Launch Your Windshield Repair Business Marketing Support Service


One of the many reasons why Ultra Bond is the best windshield repair company to choose as your business partner is due to our amazing Digital Marketing Support Team. Right now Ultra Bond is offering Digital Marketing services that serve as an extension of your business. You can expect to recive a FREE Website or FREE Rebuild of an existing site, FREE Adwords Setup, and FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These marketing services include many other expensive marketing services like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger setup and configuration, see below for more info about what all is included. This is oppourtunity is only available with the purchase of a Ultra Bond's professional windshield crack repair kits. What this offer does essentially, enables you to launch your businesses, remove barriers to entry, and get to market asap!

Having A Website Increases Your Chances To Convert Your Traffic, Join Our Program Today!

When it comes to starting a windshield repair business, your first step really is to understand your business model. You also need to understand marketing! Many entrepreneurs in many different niche markets go into business without having a solid understanding their marketing model to sell their product and or service. If you are just new to the web in terms of building a business and in the past did not value having a website or need for one, it's time to change that perspective. Today, people are on mobile phones and tablets! People more than ever are relying on Google for fast answers to their problems. This demand has fueled the need for information and well simply, if you don't have a site you cannot reach them.

Having A Website Enables You To Use Powerful Marketing Mediums


There are an array of different content formats you can produce to answer those needs and those implicit concerns your audience has. Using a website you can build website experiences that handles those concerns and raise awareness about the solutions and service options you have to offer. Even better establishing a website will help you in an array of marketing mediums to get the necessary reach your brand and brand message needs to get to the market. Just know without having a static site, it's a show stopper. Ultra Bond is here to help you solve that problem, we have a staff of specialist that will develop a website that best represents your business and target market. Best of all, we're offering you a website at no direct cost, skip the boutique marketing agencies that will take thousands of dollars from you and create unnecessary barriers to market. See the marketing product package below for information on how to get this offer.

Ultra Bond Marketing Support Services


Scale your business today with Adwords! Our team will conduct a Marketing Interview to gather key information that will enable us to confidently setup and structure your Adwords account. The fastest way to grow locally is to start getting your brand message to your audience. Best of all by targeting your local area, you have a great chance at succeeding in generating leads, generating appointments and generate demand for your business. We only take a small 10% monthly management fee to optimize your spend, adjust bidding strategy, and analyze the competition to ensure we are winning enough impression share to convert traffic sent to your website. The best part about getting your adwords launched is that we don't charge any upfront cost to conduct marketing research, the setup of the account, the setup of conversion tracking via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger, and the initial keyword research and construction of your ads. Click the link below to learn more about the scope of what we offer and the financial marketing model that will generate revenue for your business.

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Launch your windshield repair business with a website that represents you and your geographical area! Our team will build you a website which will deliver your brand and your brand message to your audience. We will build this for you with ZERO UP FRONT COST and our goal is to remove the barriers to the market by absorbing any cost that would complicate your ability to start fixing windshields and or expanding your existing windshield repair business. If you have an existing website, we'll work with it, make upgrades and possible migrate it to the best platform for organic growth in the seo marketing channel. You can also call or email us 24 hours a day for via support ticket or over the phone to get changes you need done to the website. Content updates, pictures, video, and or custom reporting, we'll handle it all for you! Click the link below to find out more about the scope of service, timeline and support terms for managing your website. Get a website today and get your business off the ground today!

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SEO is a buzzword in the Digital Marketing Industry that was responsible for the holy grail in having an online business and that free traffic that would bring your business revenue. Search engine optimization, is really powerful in it's ability to build your brand's voice in the search engine index and local city/state niche market you compete in. That's important solely on your ability to convert traffic into paying customers. That is the single responsibility from the SEO; to serve as the first touch point and as a last touch-point in the customer's buyers journey, and thus converting your customer. Neverthless, Ultra Bond will perform SEO on your website and in content marketing to ensure you have the necessary brand visibility to convert traffic we buy using Adwords and any other CPC platform. Ultra Bond is also offering this service at ZERO COST TO YOU! Click the link below to learn more about the SEO Service Scope and Timeline for your website!

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Marketing Your Business In Three Phases


In the First Phase of launching your business or expanding your business reach, we'll want to review with you in a Marketing Interview where you'll get to know our lead marketing director and a chance for us to learn about any hidden information about your market and business operations. Our goal is to go over with you within 1 hour a marketing framework to set the expectation and the initial learning so we are on the same page. This marketing interview is powerful with education and concepts worth $5000 dollars in General Marketing and Digital Marketing. The goal of the interview is to help you as an entrepreneur understand what marketing is, learn more about you, ask you questions that will help us in the development of your website site, and setup of your Adwords Campaign. When this phase is complete you'll have a good understanding of the Customer's Buyer's Journey, the importance a website's role plays at the local level. Use the Internet to reach your audience and how Ultra Bond's unqiue marketing position will help you convert customers locally as we scale your marketing on mediums like Adwords and Search Engine Optimization!


In the Second Phase of starting your mobile windshield repair business, this is where we are bustling in developing your website based on what we've learned in the marketing interview. We'll start developing your website within the first month after the marketing interview, and just about a week after meeting with you. We have turn-key website platform technology that will let us get things done in a hurry and is setup where we can receive input from you in changes to any content, images, colors, video, and our custom promotions. We'll also setup a user login where you have full access to the website to build blogs, edit existing content to add in additional changes when there maybe won't be available support on holiday and or weekends. A website is a life-long entity that will go through evolutionary process of change, branding, and technical debt. The good news is that we'll build a web application that has the best amount of support and scalability for independent business owners in the local markets. Take advantage of these human resources today!


In the Third Phase, we'll have charged forward with the setup and appropriate structure of your Google Adwords account. Adwords is tricky and has a lot of hidden elements to it. Our goal is to setup the account and your Ad Campaigns with the right level of segmentation for the launch of your ads. With the correct Adwords account setup, we'll be able to further optimize your marketing through concepts like segmentation and conversion optimization. When setting up your Adwords account, the first 30 days is a heavy learning period and setting up the account properly helps us measure and adjust accordingly. Marketing is a discipline of constant testing and has a reputation of, "Throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks"! In the Digital Marketing arena information is one of those assets that you need to fuel growth and to know what's working and what's not working. In this phase we'll setup for that growth, that testing, and that optimization beyond the first month. It takes about 60 to 90 days to build the marketing intelligence and for search engine optimization to kick in. To learn more about how Adwords works in the first 90 days click the link above for the setup of Adwords.

Start Your Windshield Repair Business, Get FREE MARKETING SUPPORT!

If you're considering Ultra Bond after reviewing this page and really website, click the link below to find and discover why we are simple the best manufacture and distributor to join forces with and take market share in your demographical area in the U.S.A and or Continent on the planet. Our team of Digital Marketers, Adwords Specialist, SEO Specialist, and Full Stack Web Developers are available to serve as you're extension of marketing. If you don't have a clue where to start, you can consult with our team, they will take you through a FREE MARKETING INTERVIEW to show you what our marketing framework looks like, set the expectations, the timeline and get your services to the market place quickly. Don't waste time, leverage our resources to help launch or expand your windshield repair business. Click the image below for more on the marketing support services today!