Long Crack Windshield Repair


Ultra Bond started and invented Long Crack Windshield Repair since 1980s and over the years Richard Campfield, Founder and President, develop several different tools that work to handle long cracks in any windshield. In fact, we have our latest tool, the Crack Master Bridge that gives our technicians the ability to offer the perfect compression in windshield crack repair and ensure that they get a nice overfill of our structural resin into the crack. Safelite currently tells the open market that you cannot fix a windshield over a foot and it simple just isn't true. In fact, most long cracks that happen are known as an edge crack and that's because the windshield is under tension, under stress and when the windshield looses it's tension, it releases energy and results into a break. The mere science in how windshields are made, makes it possible for repair. Ultra Bond holds over 26 patents and with a strong focus in long crack repair.

Long Crack Windshield Repair

What Does It Take To Perform a Long Crack Windshield Repair?

In order to be able to make a long crack windshield repair, you first need the right tools. As mentioned, Ultra Bond is the sole manufacture that has the correct tools engineered to handle the way a windshield is layered to effectively overfill the long crack and inject enough resin into the crack and actually get a repair. Too many of our competitors, do-it-yourself kits don't even handle long crack and their tools are not adaptable to be able to give licensees the ability to properly inject resin into the crack.
One of the reasons for that is as mentioned the tools they use. Ultra Bond has patent our tools and repair process (see below for the Meet In The Middle Long Crack Repair Video) that enables our technicians to handle long crack. Our toolset comes with a long crack slider complete tool.

Long Crack Repair is a type of repair that Ultra Bond deems professional windshield repair. For many years, Ultra Bond, been the industries only windshield repair manufacture that enables technicians to repair long cracks in windshields. We stand by 20 patents that we hold in tools, resin, and repair processes to enable anyone with an existing business or start a new windshield repair business to repair a crack longer than 6 to 12 inches. Our competitors like Safelite will say, "You cannot repair a crack longer than a dollar bill!" and it's simple not true. On this page will uncover the tools, resins, repair process and science to prove that our resins will create a bond stronger than a new windshield when repaired.

Long Crack Repair Kits

There are a few ways you could obtain Ultra Bond's Crack Master Bridge which has a 6-in-1 tool capabilities that would enable you handle or take on long cracks in windshields. If you've purchased a windshield repair kit from one of our compeitiors and you're not getting the results that were sold to you, you can purchase our Crack Master Upgrade Kit or you can buy one of three professional windshield repair kits.

  • Faster
  • Efficient
  • Adaptable
  • Profitable

Professional Windshield Repair Kits

Ultra Bond has most of the tools we've describe above and the repair situations, however, below are the kits that are much better suited for anyone looking to become a professional windshield repair technician. All of our kits here feature tools from the professional crack master kits and have everything you need to either start fresh or expand your existing windshield repair business.

Long Crack Windshield Repair Kits

Pro Crack Master Repair Kit


Crack Master Repair Kit


Standard Repair Kit


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Long Crack Windshield Repair Training

Ultra Bond also offers great training resources, we wrote the book on windshield repair, and we are the experts. We have videos, pdf docs that you can full take advantage of, and educate yourself. About 90% of our windshield repair technicians that buy a professional windshield repair kit learn from our You Tube Channel where you can find all our professional windshield repair training videos. However, if you are seeking more one-on-one training, Richard Campfield, can train with you. If you practice you can learn how to handle the more advanced windshield repairs like long crack, combination cracks, and many others. Most of our members report after their tenth repair, they are ready to-go-to market.


Windshield Crack Repair Training


Windshield Chip Repair Training

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