Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield Crack Repair was initially invented by Ultra Bond back in the 1989 by Richard Campfield (current President and Inventor). There are over 500,000 vehicles per year that have cracks, chips, stone breaks and or rock chips that have compromised vehicles from all over the U.S.A and the Globe. In our inception, Ultra Bond, got it's reptuation for being the only company with the tools, resin technology, and repair process to really perform windshield repair and in particular long crack windshield repair. We have many different windshield crack repair kits that are in our Crack Master Series professional windshield repair kits. These kits can handle cracks in any windshield. In fact, most cracks that customer's will face will be an edge crack that forms about 4 inches away from the edge of the windshield. Below we cover each type of crack and break that occur in a windshield and a link to another page that shows you step-by-step and post a video that shows in real-time how to handle most windshield crack repairs.

Windshield Crack Repair

All Winshield Cracks Are Mostly Edge Cracks aka Long Cracks

If you're looking to start a windshield repair business or if you're a do-it-yourselfer, the cracks that are indeed repairable are edge cracks. Very rarely are you going to be able fix cracks that are verticle and you would'nt want to. With a verticle crack you'll still be able to see the crack in the windshield even after it's repaired due to light refraction that hits the windshield and this would leave for an impairment and you don't want to drive with that kind of hinderance. Repairing an edge crack or aka long crack takes a special tool set, let's go over those tools and break down each crack they repair.

Most Common Windshield Crack Repairs

The most common types of windshield crack repairs you'll face are:

  • Edge Crack
  • Long Crack
  • Floater Crack

In order to fix any of these cracks you'll need to have one our Professional Crack Master Windshield Repair Kits in order to successfully make the repair. Inside these kits a Crack Master Bridge Complete Tool that gives you the ability to repair cracks. As mentioned before these cracks are either long crack and or combination cracks where you have a stone break and a long crack in the same break. Neverthless, that Crack Master Bridge comes apart (remove the bolt in the center) and splits into two tools. The first tool is the Long Crack Slider Tool and this features an Quick Turn Injector and self-leveling bolts that designed to make sliding along the long crack, smooth and easy to do. The enire tool was invented and patented by Richard, but it's a very efficient repair and easy repair to do thanks to the technology used to make the tool set. The second tool you'll have is what we call a crack opener. The crack opener is our new and improved wonder bar, but with the current construction of the windshield crack bar, this tool flexes open the long crack and enables the Quick Turn injector to overfill the crack and get a stronger than a new windshield bond.

Windshield Crack Repair Kits

All Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit


Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit


Standard Windshield Crack Repair Kit


>> All Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit << >> Pro Windshield Crack Repair Kit << >> Standard Windshield Crack Repair Kit <<

Windshield Crack Repair Training


In order to become a Crack Master Technician you'll need to practice and Ultra Bond has great educational videos and training guides where you can learn how this windshield repair business works inside and out. From facts to the science, and professional repair techniques like "Meet In The Middle" long crack windshield repair, you'll be ready to hit the market after about 10 repairs. Most of our licensees that purchase from us start repairing chips and basic windshield beaks. However, we have other kits like our professional windshield repair kits where you'll more advanced tools like the Crack Master Bridge, (which is 6-in-1 tool), Crack Opener, Long Crack Repair Slider, Star Flexor and many others. After starting with a basic setup as described in the video above here by Richard Campfield, you'll want to practice drilling, practice tapping the windshield to make those preparations to repairing the edge crack and long crack in the windshield. Neverthless, should you choose one-on-one training you can reach-out to us and make arrangements to come train with Richard directly.

Windshield Crack Repair Training


Windshield Chip Repair Training

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Learn How To Properly Repair Windshields With Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Training Manual

If you like what you read on this page, this is but a preview; however Ultra Bond has put together a compelte training manual that covers both cracks and chips. In each of these manuals it shows the windshield repair techniques, tools and resins. If you're not looking to do-it-yourself and rather have someone repair your windshield, click the banner below and find a professional windshield repair technician in a state or city near you.