Windshield Crack Repair Patents Detials

Patent #5,116,441
Use of More than One Viscosity of Resin

The highest viscosity that can fit in the point is usually 20-100 cps. This is injected at the small drilled bullseye to flow into the point of the crack. Resin used in the rest of the crack must be over 150 cps in order to hold and not deteriorate (see table). The high viscosity resin is injected along the open-surface portion. Without the patents, the same resin used in the point must be used in the entire crack. This would result in deterioration.

As the developer and patent holder, Ultra BOND is the only company that can offer high viscosity long crack resins which are required for quality, long-lasting repairs.


Ultra BOND Crack Resins are 400 cps, 800 cps, 1600 cps, 2400 cps and 3600 cps.

Patent #5,429,692 and #5,425,827

  • The long crack patents permit you to use more than one viscosity and resin higher than 150cps in a long crack.
  • With the long crack patents and the high viscosity resins, your cracks will not deteriorate.
  • With the long crack patents, you'll be taking your repairs and your business to greater lengths.