Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Customer Reviews

I got a problem. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg
With my previous equipment I could have 3 or 4 cars going at once and drive-by traffic would see how busy I was. Now that I'm doing most repairs in 15 minutes it looks like business is slow. Loving the Ultra Bond equipment.
Steve, Clarity Glass in Vancouver, WA. April 2016

Good quality products stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have been going to Ultra Bond for my business for years. The service is good and the products are strong and easy to work with. My only complaint is I just wish they would give me something to use for advertising on t.v., but they refuse to.

Oscar Rueb on Mar 21, 2014

Very good, excellent quality. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

Ultra Bond is fantastic. Basically, I've been using Ultra Bond equipment and resins since 1991. I'm just very confident in the quality of the product. We always use their name when we do repairs, and I've never considered using any other brand.

Allen Mc Cracken on Mar 20, 2014

Quality is 5 stars stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

Ultra Bond has always been very customer based. One good thing is you can call and talk to Rich on the phone. When you can talk to the boss and not have to go through a bunch of channels it means a lot. Their products have done very well for me.

Roger M on Mar 19, 2014

Very satisfied Ultra Bond's product is the very best! stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have a company that does windshield repairs, and I advertise Ultra Bond as the only permanent windshield repair. I've been with them for about 17 to 20 years. Ninety-four percent of cracks go off the windshield - top, bottom, left, right - and proceed from there. As the crack becomes longer, it becomes less wide. And for a permanent repair you need the thickest possible resin for the crack. Ultra Bond has thirteen resins to inject in the crack. I put in the thickest resin at the thickest point of the crack and then use the thinner resins as the crack gets thinner. No one else has been able to create a permanent windshield repair option. I don't know if they still do it or not, but Ultra Bond used to monitor what other companies were doing pretty closely to catch them if they broke any patents. I found that to be an encouragement, that the manufacturing was backing us up. I'm very satisfied with Ultra Bond.

Gordon Ogden on Jan 08, 2014

Always deliver on their promises. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I've been doing business with Ultra Bond for 20 years. They've always been there and done what they said they would do. They trained us on windshield repair 20 years ago, and have supplied awesome resins since then. Their resins are always shipped when promised, and they always have what they say they have in stock. Christina Seals on Dec 10, 2013 Nice resins I like using Ultra Bond's resins. They are pretty strong and hold well. You can't see it in the cracks quite as much as with other products.

Oscar Rueb on Dec 09, 2013

An innovative company providing excellent service. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I've been with Ultra Bond since 1990 and have always been impressed with the products they come out with and feel comfortable with the ones they recommend. I believe in their product and I know it's good. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Allen Mc Cracken on Dec 05, 2013

Great! stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

Ultra Bond has always been very helpful in technical support and been very helpful in the fight to make the public more aware of windshield repair, especially, long cracks.

Roger M on Dec 03, 2013

Fast, friendly service; long-lasting repair saves big bucks stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have a 99 Buick Century that I had a concussion ring repaired on over 3 years ago, and it's still holding with no sign of problems. This is my second windshield repair, and I had fast, on-time service both times. Thanks for the savings!

Robert Tatman on Aug 31, 2013

High quality of service. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have been using Ultra Bond since 1994 so I've been happy with them. It's a really good product. If I ever have questions, they respond. If the person I'm talking to isn't sure of the answer, Richard will step in. Everything is excellent.

Mark Lemier on Apr 29, 2013

Very happy with them. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

We've been with them for quite a few years, we are very satisfied customers. When you talk to them on the phone, they let you know of anything new that comes up. They're very positive people.

Don Smith on Apr 19, 2013

They've helped expand my business 25-30. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I've had good luck with Ultra Bond. I bought the crack system. I'm the only guy within 200 miles that fixes cracks. I don't even advertise it, it's mostly word of mouth. I've been totally satisfied with Ultra Bond.

Tom Schnieder on Apr 18, 2013

Great company to work with, quick response time, happy customer. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I highly recommend Ultra Bond and their product. I've been a customer for nearly 20 years and have had no problems, this is a company with integrity. I like that with them I know what I am getting, their product is consistent and works well. The success rate will depend on the quality of the material used and the quality of the workmanship. I've tried other products and I am sticking with what I know works best.

Jeff & Melody Reddell on Apr 16, 2013

They've been good to me. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

Ultra Bond seems to be on top of new developments in their industry. They are involved with lots of programs and magazines and business things that have to do with the repair business. That's great because it means they keep on top of the field. They've been good to me.

Brett Staples on Apr 08, 2013

Ultra Bond provides us with high quality repair products. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

We primarily use Ultra Bond for their resins. We have had very good success with them. There have been few failures and the windshield crack resins work well. It's a good product for us.

Jim Skyberg on Apr 04, 2013

Satisfactory experience. Ultra Bond has good customer service. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

You can call up if you have questions, and they take the time to talk to you. The strength of their repairs are really good. I like that you just have to put a drop in. I mainly use Ultra Bond for long cracks.

Oscar Rueb on Apr 01, 2013


I have been doing business with Ultra Bond since about 1993. I have not had any problems or complaints whatsoever. Their system is excellent. The office personnel is super. Whenever you need Rich, you can get him on the phone.

Roger M on Mar 28, 2013

Best equipment on the market stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have been buying parts from Rich at Ultra Bond for 25 years now. I consider it to be the best equipment on the market and he has always stayed up on the newest technology. I think he has the best repair system on the market as well. Ultra Bond really is the best.

Allen Mc Cracken on Mar 28, 2013

10 out 10! stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I have been using Ultra Bond for 22 years now. I have no complaints. I urge people to stick with Ultra Bond. I have seen the jobs and products from other companies and those are all disasters! You won't go wrong with Ultra Bond, so I highly recommend them!

Vahen & Aldo Malkhassian on Mar 25, 2013

Quality product and good support. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

We've been using Ultra Bond since, gosh, back in the '90s. It's been almost 20 years, I would say. We have been very pleased with the quality of the actual equipment and the quality of the repair produced by the resin. I have bought an additional unit to meet demands, but I still have my original injectors I bought from them when they first started, and they work great. Their support has been good, too. They always have someone fighting to make sure repairs can be an acceptable thing and showing the value of the product. We do replacements as well, but we do a lot of repairs. We've seen inspection laws change over the years, and I think part of that's the work they've been doing.

Sherman H. Miller Glass Sherman Widener on Nov 14, 2012

Excellent. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

I've been dealing with them for around 18 years. Their service is fast and courteous. That's about all you can ask for. They do everything in a timely manner, they're friendly. They do a good job.

Jerry Luther on Oct 19, 2012

They are a great company. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

We have been with them for a long time, and they do good work. I don't want anybody else around here to know how good this stuff is, but I would definitely recommend Ultra Bond for somebody looking to get into the windshield repair business. We have been using them for over 18 years, almost 19 years now. The product, if used correctly now, is excellent. If your windshield repair technicians do poor quality work, you will see poor results, but we have less than a 1-percent failure rate with our work, and sometimes that goes beyond just the chemicals used. We're very happy with the product, and I have played with and seen many other products. As far as I am concerned, this is the best. Some of the others are good, but I don't know of any better than this. They are also very quick to respond if I ever need any help.

Jeff Reddell on Oct 11, 2012

Great product. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

The service at Ultra Bond is excellent. Any questions I have they are there to answer them. They are very helpful and have a great product. It is very simple to use, and it works great. The resin holds very well. We have been with them since 1994.

Jerold Zwart on Aug 10, 2012

When you pick the best, you will never regret your decision. stars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpgstars.jpg

Ultra Bond delivers quality beyond comparison. I have recommended them several times and have been working with them for over 20 years with no complaints. I actually feel lucky that I found Ultra Bond on the first try. They are the hardest working people I've ever seen in the industry. The personnel are always friendly. Ultra Bond is one of the most genuine and honest companies out there. They are definitely not looking to take advantage of you.

Jeff Wurst on Aug 07, 2012