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Customer Survey - Cracked Windshields

Proof that Edge Cracks Cause Most Replacements

The statistics below were obtained by combining several survey results taken from: 1. Replacement shops, 2. Ultra BOND Repair Shops, and 3. Mall parking lots. Multiple surveys were completed, representing over 10,000 vehicles.

A. Cause of replacement:

  1. Edge crack – 83%
  2. Sandblasted or pitted – 7%
  3. Floater cracks (stone breaks that cracked) – 5%
  4. Vandalism – 2%
  5. Stone breaks in acute area 2%
  6. Hail damage, stress cracks and miscellaneous – 1%

B. Distance of the impact point from the edge of the windshield.

  1. Less than one inch – 63%
  2. Less than two inches – 85%
  3. Less than three inches –92%
  4. Less than four inches – 97%
  5. Over four inches – 3%

What if you could prevent 90% of those replacements?

More than 80% of windshield replacement are caused by edge cracks. Over 90% of the time the impact point that causes edge cracks is less than three inches from the edge . A three inch protective coating around the edges of the windshield would make the windshield over 80% crack proof.

Edgeguard is the Solution

Our companion company Edgeguard, Inc. can provide an additional revenue source that solves the above problem in most instances. Work with large fleet companies and watch their windshield replacements drop dramatically while you come out on top as their solution provider.

Visit Edgeguard for more information.

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