Star Flexor I - Wonder Bar

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Product Overview

  • Flexes open the legs of stone-breaks for easier, faster and more effective repairs.
  • Being a Wonder Bar this tools has three other tool configurations.

Often while repairing star-breaks one of more of the legs of the star will not completely fill. Since the beginning of windshield repair the method to get the leg to fill was to press on the leg with a small screwdriver or a probe and hold it until it filled. Well normally your thumb and fingers will start to hurt before the leg fills and you will let go too soon and have to do it again. No more of that, with the Star-Leg Flexor you just place the tip in the leg and turn the pressure bolt until you see it flex and then stop. Then just wait for it to fill,  let the Ultra Bond Star-Leg Flexor do the work for you.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review