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Long Crack Windshield Resin

Unbreakable Long-Crack Resins

With our windshield crack resin, repairing a cracked windshield is not only doable, but it is easy as well. Richard Campfield, founder and inventor of Ultra Bond's patented windshield resin technology, has perfected the technique and chemistry to make the cracked windshield stronger than new windshield glass.

Whether you’re fixing a 6 inch crack or repairing a long 24 inch crack, our windshield resins get the job done the right way—and they’re chemically engineered to retain strength when exposed to even the harshest environments. When you use Ultra Bond’s windshield repair products, you ensure your customers’ safety, while saving them time and money.

Shop our selection of unbreakable long crack resin with in several different viscosities available for all your auto glass repair needs.

Read about the Supreme Court Case where Ultra Bond's Windshield Resins were cited as being stronger than glass.

Watch our training videos on how to repair a cracked windshield.


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