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Windshield Chip Repair Resin

Our professional windshield chip resins are the best on the market (see our lab tests for proven results). Using Ultra Bond's complete repair system, you will save time and money, for both you and the consumer. Our chip repair resins are chemically designed to hold stronger than a windshield replacement. Whether you’re repairing chips from stone damage or combination breaks, Ultra Bond has the resin you need for a number of windshield repairs.

Our windshield chip repair resin is the most durable and holds quality when presented to extreme weather and temperature. We have also created auto glass repair additives for things like removing water from a windshield chip, and fixing a previous repair that was done poorly. Our Rain Resin is the only waterproof windshield repair resin on the market. Shop our comprehensive selection of repair resin for chipped windshields today.

Watch our videos to see for yourself how easy windshield chip repair can be with Ultra Bond.

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