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Variety of Options for Windshield Repair Business Needs

About Our Patents – UltraBOND owns the patent on long crack repair.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ultra BOND system and the company

Field Report: Cracked Windshields Are Dangerous!

An example of a Yellow Pages Ad that you can use in your Ultra BOND business.

Windshield Repair Pictures & Articles

Before & After Photos – See Ultra BOND long crack repair in action.

Incorrect Resin Photos – taken of repairs done by technicians using other systems

Correct Resin Photos – taken of repairs using Ultra BOND products

Fundamentals of Windshield Repair Adhesives – The strength of the adhesive joint will be the strength of it's weakest member.

Did you know that Windshields are Made to Crack? Check out Edgeguard, our sister company, to discover how to prevent edge cracks. Edgeguard produces a windshield protection technology that GUARANTEES your windshield will not crack.

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   Before/After Photos
   Incorrect Resin Photos
   Correct Resin Photos
   Fundamentals of Windshield Repair Adhesives
   Repairable Windshield Damage
   Windshields are Made to Crack
   Windshields Repair Standard (ROLAGS)

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