Re-Repair Resin

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Product Overview

There is a huge market for the re-repair of Safelite repairs as many of their repairs are not completely filled, many are just pit-filled because their technicians are not allowed to drill. The reason for under-filled repairs is their motorized Glass Medic tool pulls up on the glass right on top of the break instead of pushing down on the glass like every other windshield repair tool on the market does. Pulling up puts the glass in tension. Tension closes the legs and shrinks the break, causing an under-fill. We have re-repaired as many as six in one day. This re-repair resin bonds to glass and their resin. It will also bond to any other acrylic, urethane, hybrid or epoxy resin which is most of the resins on the market.

For the radiating crack and partial bullseye just drill through their resin in the impact point which will only be in the pit since they do not drill. For stars where they have clogged up the bullseye and left the legs half-filled you drill and tap a bullseye at the tip of each leg and completely cure with your injector in the pressure mode. For bullseyes or combination breaks where there are voids in the bullseye, drill the edge of the largest void to the pvb as they have no bond to the pvb. Their resin pulls off the pvb when they cure thus leaving a void between the resin and the pvb. After drilling to the pvb then fill using vacuum and pressure and as always cure with your injector in the pressure mode.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review