Stronger Than A New Windshield

Rain Resin Windshield Repair Resin


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Rain Resin is the only waterproof windshield repair resin on the market. With Rain Resin you do not have to do the time consuming job of drying out the breaks with a heat gun, blow dryer, DryStar, cigarette lighters, etc. All of which also requires electricity.  Now you can just do the repair even in the rain or snow. This waterproof resin will absorb and dissipate water. The more water that is in the break the more resin you use. If it is a small star, or partial bullseye use 4-6 drops. If it is a bullseye or combination break with a large bullseye use 8-10 drops. Use multiple vacuum and pressure cycles and discard any remaining resin as the water absorbing ingredient may be depleted.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in
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