Stronger Than A New Windshield

90 CPS – Windshield Crack Repair Resin




Our 90 resins is the same formula as the 45 CPS windshield repair resin, it too was made to be a point resin for long cracks and as a primer. Its viscosity allows for it to be used for stone-breaks, too. Use for bullseyes or combination breaks with no extended legs when the windshield is hot. Can be used in the first couple of inches at the point of a short crack or a floater crack. Exceeds the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS) requirements. Like all of our resins, it is moisture resistant. Temperature resistance is – 30 (below zero) F to 250 F.

  • Point resin for long cracks
  • Primer for long cracks
  • Versatile repair resin – used for long crack repairs and stone breaks
  • Use on bullseyes or combination breaks with no legs
  • Use when the windshield is hot
  • Start a point of a short crack or floater crack
  • Moisture resistant
  • Temp range: -30F to 250F

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