2400 CPS – Windshield Crack Repair Resin




UNBREAKABLE- Another unbreakable resin that is lab tested to be stronger than new windshield glass. This is a higher viscosity version of our 1600 resin. Use in the edge section of edge cracks when the glass is warm or hot. All of Ultra Bond crack resins do not lose strength after exposure. This resin gained strength after temperature exposure of  -30 F – 225 F, 400 hours of QUV weathering and thermal cycling.  Meets and exceeds ROLAGS resin criterion. Passes the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard’s (FMVSS 205) visual, impact and penetration resistance tests for new windshields. See the test results on our homepage.


The 2400 resin is the best to use in the edge area of an edge crack when the glass itself is 90-100 F or greater.  It can be used on cooler glass if you prime the crack first with 45. 2400 won’t flow as far down the crack as 1600.  Our 1600 Resin is used more often in the edge area of an edge crack for its ability to work in a wider variety of glass temperatures and will fill more of the crack.


Other uses: Use instead of a large pit adapter with stone breaks that have an impact that is larger than the cylinder 0-ring. Also, use to separate and seal the impact break on edge cracks – see our video instruction page and email Rich and ask for the free crack repair manual.

See the Lab Tests proving our resin strength.

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