Stronger Than A New Windshield

Windshield Repair Supplies

If you’re going to do the job, you’ll want to do it right the first time. Before taking on that windshield repairing job, you’re going to want to make sure you pick up the right windshield repair supplies.

Durable Windshield Repair Supplies

The pre-treatment chemicals provided by Ultra Bond will help get your job started on a good foot by ensuring your repair will last. The specially formulated resin additives make for the tightest bond possible between the glass & resin. These windshield repair supplies come together to make this repair stronger than just getting a brand new windshield.

Ultra Bond’s line of supplies offers applications for bond strengthening, waterproofing, and road contaminant removal. It doesn’t matter what kind of blemishes your clients’ windshields have, you can confidently fix the damages knowing you’re using the best windshield pre-treatment chemicals on the market.

Designed for Durability

The founder of the Ultra Bond brand, Richard Campfield, has spent years working in the windshield repair business. He actually took the lessons he learned from his time in the industry & applied them to create this brand. This line of products has been chemically tested by labs to prove its superiority when compared to glass. Learn more by clicking here.

This commitment to quality is very important to us. Our background in the industry means that we understand what the mechanic needs in order to get the job done. Our mission is to provide the highest quality windshield repair supplies & tools needed to get the job done.

Shop our selection pre-treatment chemicals and windshield repair supplies to provide your customers greater value and an all-around better repair. For more information on this or any one of our products, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-800-398-2663. One of our expert windshield repair specialists will be able to see what you need in order to find out the best product you need to get the job done.


Whether you are starting a new windshield repair business or are looking to expand your current business into long-crack repair, we can help you meet your goals.

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