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Windshield Crack Repair Patents

How Patents are Awarded

The United States Patent Office grants patents for discoveries and inventions that have not previously existed. If they so desire the owner or grantee of a patent may then license other persons to operate within the scope of that patent. Glass Repair Patents Along these lines, UltraBOND has been granted patents covering methods of repairing long cracks, tools and the chemical viscosities utilized. And through the business opportunities presented on this web site Ultra BOND licenses individuals access to these patented methods, tools and materials. Our patent numbers are:

Patent # 5,116,441
Patent # 5,860,689
Patent # B1 5,116,441
Patent # 5,589,018
Patent # 5,425,827
Patent # 332,380
Patent # 5,429,692
Patent # 336,227
Patent # 5,512,116
Patent # 337,929
Patent # 5,614,046
Patent # 350,684
Patent # 5,653,497

Ultra BOND's Edge Prior to these long crack patents, the windshield repair industry did not fix long cracks (over six inches) because the stress was too much for the resin to withstand. The truth was they could not fix any crack regardless of length. Attempts to repair cracks, especially edge cracks failed. In fact, for 18 years the industry used low viscosity resin (10-100 cps) and advised technicians not to repair cracks which exceeded six inches in length. Richard Campfield, president of Ultra BOND, solved this limitation by his discovery that superior high viscosity resins used in a multi-viscosity method would provide reliable, long-lasting long crack repairs. His discoveries have revolutionized windshield repair, making long crack repair the hottest commodity in the industry.

Revolutionary Windshield Repair

Richard Campfield, president of Ultra Bond, discovered that superior high viscosity resins used in a mutl-viscosity method would provide reliable, long-lasting windshield crack repairs.

Doing it the wrong way or doing it the patented way

In order for the industry to prosper and for all to benefit, windshield crack repair must be done properly. Becoming a licensed Ultra Bond technician using high strength, high viscosity structural adhesives is the right way. The patented way.

90% of all cracks run to the edge of the windshield


Windshield Repair Patent for Chip & Cracked Windshield Repair & More

The Edge

The edges of the windshield are under high stress and the gap of the crack is the widest there because the windshield has two defects on the edge, residual stress in the glass and induced stress from the installation. Ultra Bond solved the long crack problem by using high strength structural adhesive resins in the edge area.

The Point

The point, however, is tight with almost no gap, so a low viscosity adhesive must be used there. Patent #5,116,441 covers the use of more than one viscosity of resin in the same crack.

We have a page providing a more detailed discussion of how Patent #5,116,441 works here.

Resin field test in long crack repair – Tests prove viscosity is the dominating and controlling property in long crack repair.

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This website has a great deal of technical information that you will need to know and understand to be a Windshield Repair or Edgeguard technician. If there is anything you have a question on or do not thoroughly understand, please print the page and call us so we can review it with you.

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