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Don't Replace It! Windshield Crack Repair Up To 18 Inches Long. Save $100's

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Windshield crack repair in Pennsylvannia

We are a mobile windshield repair business servicing the Northern Pennsylvania area including Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Clarks Summit, Honesdale, Hawley, Carbondale, Greentown, Paupack and Kingston.

We repair windshield glass, windshield chips and we repair windshield cracks up to 18-inches long at a fraction of the cost and time of a replacement. You should repair windshield chips and cracks to prevent a costly replacement and for safety reasons.

Ultra Bond, right here in Pennsylvania, is the original inventor of the process to repair windshield cracks. The Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Process passes the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard as a new windshield. The Ultra Bond patented process is used world-wide. Ultra Bond meets and exceeds all requirements of The United States Windshield Repair Guidelines.




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A repaired windshield crack is barely visible because the refraction is removed by  a clear chemical that is injected into the entire crack. The chemical also bonds the crack together and it is guaranteed not to spread any further.

Windshield Chip Repair Photos (Stone Break)

starbreak-before.jpg starbreak-after.jpg



Repair windshield chips and those small breaks in your windshield called "stone-breaks" before they crack across your windshield in order to save yourself the time and expense of a windshield replacement. Stone-breaks will crack across your windshield from a temperature change such as a defroster or car wash. If it does crack a windshield crack up to 18-inches long can be repaired for an additional cost.

We also replace windshields when they are not repairable with the only crack resistant windshield in the world. This clear coating called Edgeguard cures the built-in defect in windshields that causes them to edge crack and is responsible for 70-80% of windshield replacements. Windshield manufacturers and your insurance company make millions and billions of dollars from this built-in defect called the "weak spot". It is two inches wide around the entire perimeter. This area fractures 2.5 times easier than the rest of the windshield and cracks immediately to about 8-12 inches long. Aftermarket windshields are inferior windshields and that is what your insurance company puts in your vehicle. Aftermarket windshields are twice as prone to edge cracking than are Orignial Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshields, which is why you want to keep the OEM windshield as long as possible.

Our Mission

Colorado is the number one state per capita for windshield replacements. Our mission is to save you from having to replace your windshield with a less expensive and safer alternative. Windshield Repair is all Green.  Read Windshield Facts as to why you should not replace your windshield.

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Call 570-955-7897 for an appointment to have us repair your windshield. We are a mobile windshield repair business servicing the Northern Pennsylvania area including Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Clarks Summit, Honesdale, Hawley, Carbondale, Greentown, Paupack.



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