Leveling Nuts (2-pack)

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Product Overview

Two pack of our leveling nuts.

The Leveling Nut can make your long crack tool Self-Leveling - meaning you will not have to adjust the leveling bolts on your Crackmaster long crack tool. The leveling nut locks your tool level. 
How to use: The nut goes below the head of the bolt and on the top side of your tool with the 2-inch bolt and leave it there; when mounting onto the windshield back off your injector near or to the bottom of the tool so your injector will not touch the glass when you push your tool down onto the windshield. Push your tool down until the suction cup is flat; then turn your injector until your tool and injector are level. No more adjusting of the leveling bolts is needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review