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Lynx/State Farm CSRs on Tape


Lynx/State Farm CSR on Tape

Windshield Repair Technicians have to fight for the Consumer

June 2006--

Date: 4/19/06
Insured: Eva ______ (redacted)
Network: Lynx/State Farm

Ultra Bond: Rich Campfield
Date Transcribed:6/24/06

Transcribed by: Morgan

N: Thanks for calling Lynx Services. This is Gerry Gideon. How can I help you.

U: Hi Gerry. I have a State Farm insured in my shop and she is sitting here. You are on a speaker phone and she has a cracked windshield.

N: Ok, and what is the insured's first name?

U: It's Eva________ .

N: And the last name?

U: The last name is _________.

N: ok Miss _______, my name is Gerry Gideon with Linx Services. We're State Farm's glass administrators and we take the claims, so that's what I'm doing for you. Can I get your home zip code?

I: 81_____

N: And may I have the policy number?

U: I have it. It's _______ (redacted), as in boy, _______, as in David.

N: And when was the date of loss, sir?

U: __/___/06.

N: Ok. And was it just road debris?

U: A rock.

N: State Farm is confirming coverage on a 2000 ________ (redacted) four door sedan. There is a $250 deductible. Did you say this was a replacement windshield?

U: No, it's a twelve-inch crack.

N: Yes, then it definitely would be...State Farm says it needs to be replaced, unless you can repair it.

U: Actually, she got a bid for replacing it and it was like $662.00 and I'm repairing it for $89.95.

N: So, you're going to do a chip repair?

U: No, I'm doing a crack repair.

N: Ok. May I have a phone number for Miss _______ area code.

U: 970-________

N: And, let's see here, I'm just waiting for my screen. And your phone at the shop with the area code?

U: 970-256-0200.

N: Ultra Bond?

U: Yes.

N: Ok, and which location...You're in the I-70 Business.

U: Yes.

N: Ok. I'm going to have to get your name.

U: Rich Campfield. Your name sounds familiar.

N: My name?

U: Yes.

N: Oh, well, I've been here nine years, so I must have spoken to you.

U: I know, I'm the plaintiff on that case you were deposed on.

N: Oh, really?

N: Well, I'll be darned. State Farm always recommends that anything over six- inches be replaced, but you evidently are the ones that can do this.

U: I have fourteen patents on it.

N: Well, that's great. What I need to do here, Rich, is I need to find out how I'm going to charge this. I don't know.

U: Well, here's what happened last time. It's a little bit different every week. I'm a non O and A shop and, as you know, the other shops in town are going to replace it and she's already gotten one bid at $662.00, so if you want to go get two bids then I would definitely be the lowest bidder at $89.95.

N: No, I don't know how to put it in, as a crack or a chip. I have to ask. I don't know how to put it in. When it's a chip, it's usually fifty dollars for a chip and ten for each additional.

U: Right.

N: But I don't know, as a crack, how they want me to put this in.

U: That was one of the things I sued about you don't have any pricing for cracks and a crack is not a chip. It's not one chip. It's not three chips.

N: I know what you are saying. If you could kindly hold. How long is this, twelve inches, did you say?

U: Yep and my price on a twelve-inch crack is $89.95.

N: If you could kindly hold, Rich, let me see... I have to talk to one of the supervisors and I'll be right back.

U: Ok.

N: Ok, Rich thanks for holding. I have to get a competitive bid for a crack that's twelve inches long with a shop that is with State Farm and then I will have to let you know what they give me.

U: Ok, she has to pick the shop then.

N: I have to get that up in here.

U: I think she's already got one. You could call Binswinger.

N: Is that one in Grand Junction?

U: Yes, and the other one would be the Glass Broker.

N: I only need one, so let me call here if you would kindly hold and I'll be right back with you.

N: Ok, Rich, thanks for holding. They cannot do twelve-inch cracks, so we are going to let you do it. Let me get your shop back up in here again. If you could give me your phone number with the area code again.

U: 970-256-0200.

N: Ok, just waiting for my screen here. Ok, and it's $89.95.

U: Which makes me the lowest bidder.

N: Yes, it does because the other one won't even do it. There are very few that do.

U: Well, that's what the lawsuit was about...that dollar bill rule. That's why the glass shops won't do it and then you have to go through such a hassle to get paid on it.

N: Now, what I have to do is get a supervisor to ok this because I'm putting in here that you didn't except State Farm's rates and your price is $89.95. So before the computer will go through I have to get someone to sign it, so hold for one more moment.

U: Ok.

N: Thanks for holding. She told me that I have to call glass services first.

U: Oh boy.

N: So if you would kindly hold again. I hate to keep putting you on hold. I thought she could ok this, but it has to go through glass services.

U: Since none of those glass shops will fix cracks, this is what we have to go through.

N: I'm sorry for the hold, but I'll be right back with you.

N: Thanks for holding again. I have Lavonna on the line with glass services, State Farm's corporate and she wanted to speak with you.

U: Ok.

N: At this time we cannot handle this crack. It will have to be sent out and have someone from State Farm inspect the windshield.

U: Oh really? That's not what happened last week. Last week they just paid it because I was the lowest bidder and everybody was going to replace it for hundreds of dollars. I was the lowest bidder by like $200.00.

N: For a replacement. You're giving a bid on a replacement and you're giving a bid on a repair. Those are two separate things.

U: Well, she has a cracked windshield and if I'm going to fix it for $89.95 and everybody else is going to replace it for $600.00 then I'm the lowest bidder.

N: Well, that's fine. We're just going to send it out and have someone look at it. It will have to go through the agent's office and they will have to make the decision.

U: The decision on what?

N: If it can be repaired or replaced. It cannot go through Lynx this time.

U: Well that decision, from my understanding, comes from the glass shop.

N: Well, it's from the insured.

U: Well she wants it repaired. She's sitting right here and she's a repeat customer and I have repaired edge cracks in every one of her vehicles.

N: And that's fine. I am just saying that we can't handle it through Lynx at this time. You're going to have to call the agent and have a claim set up through the agent's office. Lynx cannot handle it at this time.

U: And is that because it's over six inches?

N: Correct.

U: Because it's longer than a dollar bill?

N: Correct.

U: Well, I do cracks all day long.

N: That's fine. I'm not saying that's bad. I'm just saying Lynx cannot handle this at this time.

U: Well, last week I probably did three or four long cracks for State Farm's insured and I never got this and we've been on the phone now for probably over half an hour and last week it was a different story. Every time I make a phone call for a crack, it's a different story. Sometimes they pay fifty, sometimes you're going to pay for the whole thing because I am the lowest bidder.

N: Hold on a second, ok?

N: Ok, sir. I just talked to a specialist and he told me we can send it through Lynx if it's only fifty dollars charge because it's one chip repair.

U: It's not a chip though. It's a twelve inch crack.

N: That's all we allow for repairs though.

U: Well, how come last week you paid all of it thourgh Lynx?

N: I have no idea what happened last week. I only know that right now this is one instance. You are repairing one crack, one chip.

U: It's not a chip.

N: But it's all we pay.

U: It's not a chip. It's a crack.

N: Even if it's a four inch crack, that's all we're going to pay is fifty dollars.

U: State Farm or Lynx?

N: Lynx. Everything goes through Lynx if you agree to fifty dollars.

U: Well, no. I mean, last week I didn't agree with it. I'm not an O and A participant because you don't have any pricing for cracks. That's all I fix all day long is cracks and I have to go through this everytime I make a phone call. By the way, the repair industry has been repairing cracks over six inches since 1990. It's been sixteen years.

N: Well, per our contract, which you signed...you're on our program right?

U: I am not on your program.

N: You're not?

U: No, because you have this dollar bill rule, which has been obsolete for sixteen years.

N: Ok, hold on.

N: Ok, sir, I'm going to send you over to our specialist because he handles your state, ok?

N: Ok, I'm going to drop off the line and I'm going to take care of you.

U: Gerry?

N: Yes.

U: You're dropping off?

N: She told me to drop off the line because you're going to be speaking to a specialist out of the corporate office.

U: Ok, you probably understand that deposition more now, don't you?

N: Oh, I know. Ok, thanks for using Lynx.

U: Ok.

N: Bye-bye.

N: Ok, I'm Lavonne. Hold on for a second.

N: Hi Richard. This is Shawn. How are you today?

U: Pretty good.

N: She just filled me in. I am trying to put a long crack through Lynx, so she has explained that she offered fifty dollars correct?

U: Well, it went from...I don't know what it went from. Last week, I was lowest bidder and State Farm paid the whole $89.95 on my cracks last week and now we're back to calling it a chip and not paying the customer.

N: Well, they are chips. It doesn't just crack. It starts from a rock chip that spreads to a crack, so it's a one-chip repair. If you're going to repair it, it's a one-chip repair. It's not three adjoining chips. It's not two chips. If you're going to repair it, it will be a one-chip repair.

U: Ok, it's an edge crack, and edge crack cracks immediately. They are never chips.

N: Ok.

U: What you are talking about is a floater crack and a floater crack, which is like a star break or a bull's eye, that will sit there for a while and a severe temperature change will cause that to crack. That's a floater crack. An edge crack, cracks immediately and in 9 out of 10 cracks that I repair is an edge crack.

N: So is this a warrantee issue on another shop?

U: No.

N: Then there is still an impact.

U: There is an impact on the edge. The windshield itself has three defects on the perimeter and that's why they edge cracks so easily and about 8 out of 10 claims that you do a replacement is from an edge crack. State Farm is aware of that. We have a coating that goes on the perimeter to reduce edge cracks. We repair them, but it's not a chip. It's a crack.

N: So, doesn't it ultimately start from an impact though?

U: When a piece of sand or a little pebble hits the first two inches, it will make a fracture about the size of a pin head and it cracks immediately.

N: We consider that a chip though. We consider it a one-chip repair.

U: Do you call a star break a chip?

N: We call a lot of things chip.

U: But, see the windshield repair industry has stone breaks, short cracks, and long cracks.

N: But they are generated ultimately from a chip.

U: The crack is repaired differently than a stone break.

N: I am aware of that.

U: This is not a chip. This is a crack repair

N: I am curious too. You said last week you had one authorized at $89.95.

U: I had a couple of them authorized last week at that price.

N: Do you happen to have the dispatch numbers you received for that?

U: Not off hand no.

N: Do you have the policy holder, so I can verify who is making the authorizations.

U: If you want me to go dig them out, you can give me your phone number and I can call you back later.

N: Sure, that would be fine. 309-766-7914.

U: Ok.

N: Unfortunately, that's just the situation. It gets qualified as a one-chip repair.

U: Well, they tell us a different story everytime I make a phone call.

N: Ultimately, you ought to be speaking with me directly and I know a couple weeks ago I was out of town on vacation, but I am your contact in Colorado because I handle the whole state. If you have questions, Lynx Services has specific guidelines to what they can and can't do. Anything that needs to be authorized outside the scope of State Farm's pricing would need to be brought here. I'm assuming that when you call them, you're taken to Lynx Services. You told them you did not agree with State Farm's pricing.

U: Right, I'm a non-participant.

N: Correct and at that point you gave your bid and they said you were the lowest bidder and you got paid your $89.95.

U: Exactly.

N: But in situations like it, these are ones that we need to speak with the insured about as well.

U: I always call on speaker. I am saving the insured hundreds of dollars. Everybody else wants to replace it and, as you know, I think 37% of people in Colorado have a $500 deductible and 31% have a $250 deductible, so 70% of the time I'm saving the consumer hundreds of dollars by doing a crack repair. I have to go through this and I'm doing everybody a favor. I'm saving everybody money.

N: Let me speak with Bob about this and I will give you a buzz back. You're at 970-256-0200?

U: Yes, what do you want me to do with the insured. She's been sitting here for 45 minutes now.

N: Is she sitting right there?

U: Yes, she's here. You're on a speaker. Can I let her go?

N: Can I speak with her?

U: You're on a speaker. Go right ahead.

I: What do you want to know? I'm right here.

N: What's your name?

I: Eva __________. I've been with State Farm for over fifty years.

N: Can you hold one second for me?

I: Yes.

N: Ok, Lynx Services does not know...they now the rules of repairs versus replacement and the guidelines we set for that. If the insured can vocally say that they want it repaired, then I'm fine by that, and then I'll go ahead and authorize $89.95 on this.

I: Yes sir, that's what I want. I want it repaired and I want State Farm to pay for it.

N: Ok, have you guys contacted Lynx?

U: We've already been through Lynx. They sent us here.

N: Do you have a policy number, Eva, so I can give them the authorization to get this through?

U: It's ________, as in boy, _______, as in David. Now Shaun, I have another State Farm insured standing right here and he can hear you too.

N: You still need to contact Lynx Services with him. If there is an issue with Lynx Services, call me direct.

U: 309-766-7914?

N: Got it.

U: So State Farm is going to pay for this.

N: Yep. I"m going to call an authorization for this job.

U: Ok.

N: Ok, bye

Note: After all this the dispatch came from Lynx for one chip repair at $50.00. We had to make this call again.

We did get paid in the end by State Farm, however if the consumer had made the call she would have been deceived out of $250.00 and had a claim placed on her CLUE report.

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