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Windshield Repair News | January 2015 | ANSI Standards

Campfield's Initiatives to Become ANSI Standards

Two initiatives that NWRA president Richard Campfield brought to the NWRA Board will become ANSI Standards.

Initiative #1: About a year ago Campfield began lobbing the board to acquire the equipment to fracture test, compare and publish the results of OE versus Aftermarket windshields identical to the fracture test that his Edgeguard affiliated company did back in 2002. That study was publish by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is available for $12 from the SAE website.

That fracture test proved that the two-inch perimeter area around the edge known as the "weak spot" fractures 2.5 times easier than the rest of the windshield. Over a year ago Campfield did a parking lot study to compare OE versus aftermarket windshields and found that the aftermarkets had twice the damage as the OEs. Campfield has consulted with engineers and it is also very feasible to also test the PVB, glass quality, total clarity as well as measuring the residual stress levels.

Consumers deserve to know what they are getting and auto glass businesses deserve to know what we are selling and installing. Auto glass businesses currently have to buy blind with no scientific data or real world feedback. Presently most of the windshields that are going into insureds vehicles are imported from China that are purchased for approximately $17. This market of the cheapest windshield money can buy is a direct result of insurance industry control and influence which cares about nothing but cost.  Could these windshields be a contributing factor to the almost daily reports of ejections and objects penetrating windshields? Killing and injuring people almost daily?

Initiative #2: To codify repairs to the windshields so that data can be collected and records can be collected on the types of breaks, length of cracks, where it was located on the windshield, the Brand, and DOT # of the windshield. This data would be on invoices and should be sent in when a business submits a claim. This would provide real world data collection on windshield brands, types of breaks and cracks.

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