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New Headlight Restoration


The fastest and easiest Headlight Restoration System in the world is our NEW UV Curing Spray-On Headlight Restoration. It restores the headlights back to OEM condition using the same chemicals used by vehicle manufacturers. No buffing, no polishing and no electricity is needed. Sand by hand and then spray on a new acrylic coating and cure with a UV light or sunlight. The basic kit includes the Curing Light, Spray-On Coating, and sand paper. One spray can will do 10-12 jobs. Retail price for Headlight Restoration is $65-$95. Your Cost is around $4 per job (two headlights - $2 each). Your time is around 20-30 minutes including the cure time. Adds hundreds of dollars of profit per week to your business. Give yourself a raise, you deserve it. Get stared for as little as $41.

Replacement of headlights runs $400-$600. At the factory the polycarbonate lenses have an acrylic coating over it. This coating wears off in about three to five years and the polycarbonate starts to yellow and oxidize from sunlight. You will find most vehicles that are 5 years and older have fogged headlights. Our UV Coating puts the acrylic coating back on top of the lenses and restores the clarity like magic.

Three kits available from $41 to $275.

  • Sunshine Kit - $41. - spray and sand paper, use sunlight for curing.
  • Basic Kit - $190. adds the curing light pictured on the left.
  • Full Kit - $275. adds the masking film with adhesive backing which is faster than using masking tape and newspaper. Adds one dollar to the cost per job.


Banners for advertising is available in two sizes 2x5 and 3x8

Quick Steps

  1. Mask around headlights
  2. Wet Sand - 500 grit then 1500 grit
  3. Clean with water, then ethanol. Air dry.
  4. In the shade, spray/flowcoat
  5. Wait 5 minutes for solvent to evaporate
  6. Expose to sunlight for 10 minutes or until tack free.

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