There is a lot to know when it comes to windshield repair and the proper tools and techniques to utilize.  Here are the most common questions we get from our customers.

1.  What is the going rate (price) for a stone-break repair?  
Pricing varies around the country and around the world, but on average, stone-break repairs are around $60 USD.
2.  What is my cost to repair a stone-break using Ultra Bond?
Ultra Bond's unique, patented tools, resins and techniques save you time and money.  Your cost to repair an average stone break is about 10 cents ($.10)!
3.  What is the going price for a long crack repair?
Pricing varies around the country and around the world, but on average, long crack repair are around $100 - $125USD.
4.  What is my cost to repair a long crack? 
Repair your customers windshields the right way while saving time and money!  Using the Ultra Bond system, your long-crack repair will cost you about $2USD. 
5.  How soon can I start making money doing windshield repair?
Day one. You will usually have people waiting for you to do repairs when people you know hear you are going into the windshield repair business.
6.  What is the fastest way to market my windshield repair business?
internet/Google Adwords and direct marketing.
7.  How often do I have to clean my Ultra Bond tools? 
If you work inside about once a month. If you work outside about once a week.
8.  How long will take for me to be proficient at doing repairs?
Over the years we have tweaked our techniques and tool design to make your job easier.  Most of our customers feel proficient after about 20 repairs of both stone-breaks and cracks.  We are also dedicated to helping you.  We offer free hands-on training (limited to Grand Junction, Colorado and NE Pennsylvania). We also continue to create training videos to help you.
9.  How does windshield repair work?
We have created a handy blog post outlining the basic terminology and science behind windshield repair. Read the article here.