Stronger Than A New Windshield



Why should I use Ultra BOND instead of another company?

The latest technology in the auto glass business, long crack repair and Edgeguard is owned by Ultra BOND.

Why should I use Ultra BOND to do long cracks?

We have not licensed any of the other companies to use the Ultra BOND long crack patents and to date there is no other method that works.

What is the warranty rate on repairs?

The warranty rate on stone damage repair is .01%. The warranty rate on long crack repair is < 1%. The warranty rate on Edgeguard is .25%.

Does Ultra BOND give technical and marketing advice after the sale?

The reason Ultra BOND owns and operates a full scale auto glass business is so that we can give you the right advice through our own experience. We are one of the only companies that sell it and do it. You will get advice from people who repair cracks with Ultra BOND every day, just like you.

How much money can I make in this business?

Repair-only shops can generate six-figure revenues by the second year.


Whether you are starting a new windshield repair business or are looking to expand your current business into long-crack repair, we can help you meet your goals.


What is the most important part of windshield repair?

The resin. When you are done with the repair, what do you leave the customer with? Resin - It's your name and your reputation.

How do I know good resin from bad?

You should never buy a resin from any other company without first seeing, in writing, verifiable field tests, lab tests, and viscosity tests. Call our office for our field and lab results. The field test is the most important and should cover many years. The lab test should be after the resin has been exposed to the elements. Lab test results should indicate that the resins were submitted to exposure or weathering prior to testing, or it can be misleading. Windshield repair resins are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. So they should be tested after exposure. If the other companies do not publish the viscosity, they are hiding it from you.

What is my investment to become an Ultra BOND technician?

Contact us for free training and equipment requirements.

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