Crack Opener Wonder Bar

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Product Overview

  • The secret to easy long crack repair .

    Symmetrically opens the crack without spreading it .


    Creates an overfill .



    Being a wonder bar it can be reconfigured into three other tools .

  • The secret to easy long crack repair with Ultra Bond structural adhesives is the crack opener.  


ake it from the Crackmaster himself, size matters with a crack-opener.  

I usually use two at the point for an edge crack and four for a floater crack.

The dimensions and custom made suction cups will symmetrically open the crack so you can get our structural adhesive crack resin into the point area of a long crack easily without spreading the crack. Symmetrically opens the crack and creates an overfill. You will see resin come out of the top of the crack when you release the pressure bolt which is what you want. Fundamental fact of adhesives is to overfill. The best from the one who invented long crack repair.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review