Crack Master Wonder Bar Windshield Repair Structure

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Product Overview

  • Repair Chips and Long Cracks with one structure .
  • 6-in-1 Tool - Has six different tool configurations .
  • Most versatile windshield repair structure in the world .
  • Performs eight different functions .
  • Most efficient chip repair tool on the market .
  • Most effective long crack repair structure ever made .
  • Sets-up in seconds .
  • Controlled flexing, compression and tension .
  • Self-Leveling .

This NEW two Wonder Bar bridge type holding structure offers perfect compression, leveraging, mechanical advantage with no tension from the suction cups. The injector hole threads are 1/2 x 20 which fits our Quick-Turn Injector.

The Holding Structure or bridge holds the injector in place while repairing a stone-break/chip or long crack. But the holding structure is much more than that; the structure controls pressure both on the resin injection and the pressure on the glass. Compression (pushes down)  flexes a stone-break open so that the resin will efficiently fill every leg and crater within the break. On a long crack which is surfaced it must be minimal. The physics of this structure are perfectly balanced so that a stone-break is flexed open. 

The proper two suction cup placement (a bridge) and the durometer do not interfere with the flexing of the break like most tools on the market do. This allows you to open the break by leverage- simply turn the pressure bolt to increase or reduce the flex. Most systems will require manual flexing by hand of the break and legs with a probe because the holding structure is not able to flex the break open properly or control the flex. Cups that are too stiff and too close to the injector will hamper the tools flexing of the break by creating opposing forces of opening (compression, pushing down) and closing (tension, pulling up) on the break which, will cause the cracks nearest to the injector to fill slower and will end up being under-filled. An under-filled leg or section will separate from the glass from cold temperature. If it is a leg of a star-break it can crack-out.

This windshield repair tool is also used at the point of a long crack and can also slide/straddle down a long crack. This is a 6-in-1 tool. It can be split into a crack-opener and a long crack sliding structure and every other tool on our Crackmaster Tool Page.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review