Crack Master Windshield Repair Tool Complete

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Product Overview

  • Repair Chips and Long Cracks with one tool.
  • Most user friendly tool on the market.
  • Easy to learn and use - over 90% of users learn by video and manual.
  • 6-in-1 Tool - has six different tool configurations.
  • Performs eight different functions.
  • Cost per chip repair of 8-12 cents.
  • Most efficient chip repair tool ever made.
  • Most effective long crack repair tool ever made.
  • Sets-up in seconds.
  • No break-down after repair.
  • Refills in seconds; can do 15-20 chip repairs before refilling is needed.
  • Controlled flexing, compression and tension.
  • Does not waste resin; your cost per repair is at least 300% less than other tools on the market.
  • Completely fills most chips in less than 60 seconds.
  • Only tool in the world that can inject structural (thick) adhesive resin into stone-breaks

See the new Wonder Bar explained and assembled in this video:



This NEW two Wonder Bar bridge type holding structure offers perfect compression, leveraging, mechanical advantage with no tension from the suction cups.

The Quick-Turn Stainless Steel Injector creates a windshield repair tool that is fast and efficient. It holds 36 drops of resin, which means you can load it and not have to re-load for days which saves time, money and work. Uses 300% less resin than most systems. Most systems waste as much resin as they use by having to refill after each repair. Your cost per chip repair is 8-12 cents. You will get 300 chip repairs from one bottle of our resin with this tool. 

The Holding Structure or bridge holds the injector in place while repairing a stone-break/chip or long crack. But the holding structure is much more than that; the structure controls pressure both on the resin injection and the pressure on the glass. Compression (pushing down) flexes a stone-break open so that the resin will efficiently fill every leg and microscopic  crater within the break. On a long crack which is surfaced it must be minimal. The physics of this structure are perfectly balanced so that a stone-break is flexed open so that 70% of chips are completely filled and ready to be cured in less than 60 seconds.  It can also inject chip with structural (thick) adhesive resin in about five minutes which stronger than low viscosity (thin) chip repar resins. Our long crack repairs are stronger than a new windshield.

Most systems you have to take apart and re-load for every repair (set-up and break-down). When you finish with other tools you will have resin running down the windshield when you remove it or you will be dumping what is left in the injector. You then have to refill again and go through set-up for your next repair. You will waste more resin than you injected into the break. Our system sets-up in seconds and break-down is just removing the tool off the glass. Our injector can do up to twenty repairs without having to re-load - semi-automatic.  It also has 27 inches hg of available vacuum. Perfect size, placement and durometer suction cups will prevent flowering and gives you maximum control of pressure/compression for flexing of the glass. 

NOTE: All Ultra Bond resins are moisture resistant -no dry vacuum is needed. Ultra Bond resins are the only resins proven to restore to new glass strength and beyond. See our homepage. "Why Use Ultra Bond".

Repair Tip -Technique to prevent any waste of resin. Cure under pressure then loosen the ipressure bolt and njector cylinder slightly. Then loosen the piston by turning it 1/4 to 1/2 turn counterclockwise, slide the screwdriver under the suction cups to remove from the glass. Turn your tool upside down and place the cap on the injector. There will about 1/2 drop if resin in the pit. You can use that resin for a pit-filler if the impact chip was small. 

Wonder Bar Windshield Crack Repair Kit Tool Options/Configurations.
(1) Crackmaster Bridge 
  • Use to repair Chips and Long Cracks 
  • 6-in-1 Tool - Has six different tool configurations
  • Performs eight different functions
  • Most effective chip repair structure on the market
  • Most effective long crack repair structure  ever made
  • Sets-up in seconds
  • Self-Leveling
  • Controlled flexing, compression and tension

This NEW two Wonder Bar bridge type holding structure offers perfect compression, leveraging, mechanical advantage with no tension from the suction cups.  

The proper two suction cup placement (a bridge) and the durometer do not interfere with the flexing of the break like most tools on the market do. This allows you to open the break by controlled compression and leverage- simply turn the cylinder or pressure bolt to increase or reduce the flex. Most systems will most often require manual flexing by hand of the break and legs with a probe because the holding structure is not able to flex the break open properly or control the flex. Cups that are too stiff and too close to the injector will hamper the tools flexing of the break by creating opposing forces of opening (compression, pushing down) and closing (tension, pulling up) on the break which, will cause the cracks nearest to the injector to fill slower and will end up being under-filled. An under-filled leg or section will separate from the glass from cold temperature. If it is a leg of a star-break it can crack-out. Fundamental fact of adhesives is to overfill. The Crack Master Tool creates an overfill in chips and long crack. 

 This windshield repair tool is also used at the point of a long crack and can slide/straddle down a long crack. This is a 6-in-1 tool. It can be split into a crack-opener and a long crack sliding structure and every other tool on our Crackmaster Tool Page.

(2) Crack-Opener

  • The secret to easy long crack repair 
  • Symmetrically opens the crack without spreading it
  • Creates an overfill
  • Being a wonder bar it can be reconfigured into three other tools

The secret to easy long crack repair with Ultra Bond structural adhesives is the crack opener.

Take it from the Crackmaster himself, size matters with a crack-opener.

I often use two at the point for an edge crack and four for a floater crack. 

The dimensions and custom made suction cups will symmetrically open the crack so you can get our structural adhesive crack resin into the point area of a long crack easily without spreading the crack. Symmetrically opens the crack and creates an overfill. You will see resin come out of the top of the crack when you release the pressure bolt which is what you want. Fundamental fact of adhesives is to overfill. The best from the one who invented long crack repair.

(3) Long Crack Slider and Single Bar Chip Repair Structures.

  • Self leveling 
  • This structure slides along the crack and does not push the crack closed
  • Change suction cups to the 2-inch stiff or 3-inch cup for chip repairs

Our Crackmaster long crack repair tool slides along and injects the resin into the crack from the surface. The Crackmaster for long cracks is designed to slide from the tip/point to the edge of the windshield. With the stabilizing bolts it is self-leveling and the pressure is controlled so to not push the crack closed. Note: long cracks are surfaced.  The pressure bolt allows you to  increase pressure when needed.

This tool's design allows for sliding and does not push the crack closed. A windshield is only 5 mm thick. The outer layer you are repairing is only 2 mm thick. It will flex easily. Tools used to repair chips have too much pressure and will flex the glass and push the crack closed so that it will under fill or spot the repair. It boils down to the physics of the tool: length, compression, mechanical advantage, size and durometer of the cups. 

The two stabilizing bolts allow for automatic leveling. Just push the cup down, level the injector and your ready to go. 

Change the suction cup to the 2-inch stiff cup or the 3-inch cup and you have a chip repair tool.

(4) Star-Leg Flexor

Often while repairing star-breaks one of more of the legs of the star will not completely fill. Since the beginning of windshield repair the method to get the leg to fill was to press on the leg with a small screwdriver or a probe and hold it until it filled. Well normally your thumb and fingers will start to hurt before the leg fills and you will let go too soon and have to do it again. No more of that, with the Star-Leg Flexor you just place the tip in the leg and turn the pressure bolt until you see it flex and then stop. Then just wait for it to fill,  let the Ultra Bond Star-Leg Flexor do the work for you.

(5) Probe 

The edge of one side of the Wonder Bar is sharpened to a point for use as a probe.

(6) UV Light Holder

When you are ready to cure the Wonder Bar also works as a UV light holder.

Tool Items and parts that come with your purchase of the Crack Master Complete:

1 - connector bolt

2 - Wonder Bar Nuts

2 - 3/4" Stabilizing Bolts

2 - 1-inch Stabilizing Bolts

1 - Crack Opener Bolt

1 - Star Flexor Bolt

3 - 2-inch Soft Suction Cups

1 - 2 inch Stiff Suction Cup

1 - 3-inch Suction Cup

1- injector

1 - pack piston o-rings

1- pack cylinder o-rings

1 - injector cap


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