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What's Your Cost Per Repair ?

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Your Cost Per Repair (CPR) does not come from the price you pay for resin. It comes from the efficiency of your repair tool.

Think about how many drops of resin you use to repair one average stone-break. The average chip repair only requires one drop of resin to be completely filled.

Try this experiment yourself next time you do an average size stone-break. Place only two drops of resin into your Ultra Bond injector and do the repair following the steps below. When finished empty your injector onto the glass and you will see there is still resin in the injector.

Review- Removing your Ultra Bond Crackmaster tool off the glass after finishing a repair (not wasting any resin) : (1) Cure under pressure, (2) loosen the leveling bolt and injector just a little, (3) give the piston a 1/2 turn (counterclockwise) putting it slightly into the vacuum mode and (4) pop off the tool, turn the tool upside down and place the cap back on the injector. Note- this break down after the repair takes about ten seconds.

You might also give thought to just how much air you have been led to believe is in a chip, when one drop of resin completely fills most of them. Do you really need all that much vacuum and all the cumbersome time-consuming steps and gizmos that come with it? How long does your manufacturer suggest you vacuum for. You only need one HG of vacuum to remove that one drop of air in the space that is almost completely filled with glass. The main benefit of vacuum (if it is does not require additional steps and equipment) is that it speeds up the repair by creating a vacuum in the space/void and helps the resin wick the glass. When it comes to vacuum, we have 24 HGs available and it only takes 5-10 seconds to vacuum a stone-break.

Since you should be and are being paid by your customer to restore the structural integrity of their safety device, resin deserves your due diligence and is the last place you should cut corners. Resin is the only thing you leave your customer with. It is your reputation. Ultra Bond's website has lab tests and other data that shows Ultra Bond restores to 100%, is stronger than new glass strength and passes the same federal tests required a new windshield? If you do not use Ultra Bond resin exclusively, do you have lab tests and data on that resin?

Your cost to repair a chip with Ultra Bond's stone-damage Classic Crackmaster tool is 8 cents per chip repair at our $25 per bottle price which contains 400 drops. Even if you hypothetically paid four times more at $100 your cost to restore the windshield to 100% would still only be 32 cents. How much is your customer worth to you? Should you buy resin that you have never seen lab tests or any data on?

When it comes to resin we provide lab tests and data that shows our resin restores to 100% and greater than new windshield strength. Our crack resins restore to over 152% of new glass strength. Unbreakable and stronger than a new windshield - that is what we deliver. A windshield with an Ultra Bond long crack repair has over 50% more mechanical flexural strength than a new windshield. That means the force to break the repaired windshield is over 50% greater than it is to break a brand new windshield. Our resin's temperature range is -30 F (below zero) to +300 F. For over 25 years we have provided independent lab tests, field tests and real world data on our resins performance. No other company provides any such data on their resins. When State Farm was sued in the class action Cullen v State Farm, stating that windshield repair did not restore to pre-loss condition and that State Farm owed insureds a new windshield for every repair they had a claim for. State Farm prevailed using a study of Ultra Bond Resin to prove to the Supreme Court that windshield repair can be as strong as new glass.

The Ultra Bond Classic Crackmaster Tool is the most efficient tool and has the lowest CPR (Cost Per Repair) of any other tool on the market. Ultra Bond tools deliver only the amount of resin needed to completely fill the break without wasting one drop. Most all of the other tools on the market waste two to four times more resin than needed to fill one break either by requiring at least two to three drops to pressurize and/or needing to refill after each repair which dumps more resin than was needed to fill the break. This may be so they can sell you more resin. We do not do this because we treat our customers the same way we want to be treated ourselves.

Many technicians who have been in the repair business for many years come to Ultra Bond for additional training. We have them bring their tools because many are wanting to learn long crack repair and want to see if their tools will work for that. The other tools never do it smoothly or quickly if at all. Before we get started with training we make two identical stone-breaks to compare the time, the number of steps and amount of resin it takes to properly and completely repair a stone-break. This other injector that we see most often is sold by a number of other manufacturers such as Delta Kits and Novus (it has a white bootie in the injector cylinder at the outside end where it seals against the glass-see the photos below. It takes eight more steps, five times the amount of time to do a simple chip repair and dumps/wastes most of the resin they are instructed to put into the injector to do one chip repair. The Cost Per Repair is four times more and the time to complete a repair is five times longer.


This bootie increases your CRP by 300-400% by
wasting/dumping more resin than you inject;,it takes
five times more time to do an average stone-break
and requires 8 more steps than the Ultra Bond Injector.


At Ultra Bond we do not take advantage of our customers in any way, shape or form and we are the one and only windshield repair manufacturer in the world who takes on the Insurers and the TPAs in court. The ones that are breaking every civil law that protects competition, free enterprise and consumers. They are also your biggest problem and your biggest obstacle to your right to free enterprise and to make a living in the United States of America. They steal your jobs and they steal your profit. This is a huge and very expensive undertaking that only Ultra Bond has had the courage to undertake.

When it comes to windshield repair, which windshield repair manufacturer deserves your business ?

Ultra Bond Lab Tests - http://ultrabond.com/ultra-bonds-unbreakable-resins-are-the-best-in-the-world/

Crackmaster Windshield Repair Tool Complete -  https://ultrabond.com/crack-master-windshield-repair-tool-complete/

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