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Windshield Repair Journal by Ultra Bond - Lawsuit Updates

Ultra Bond v. Safelite Lawsuit to Move Forward

Ultra Bond v Safelite Lawsuit - Will Move Forward -Safelite's Motion to Dismiss was denied in part and granted in part.The court did find falsity in their advertising of cracks longer than six inches not being repairable.Ultra Bond and Richard Campfield are glad to be moving forward with discovery and getting on with the fight.Read the [...]

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Safelite Makes False and Misleading Statements in Lawsuit Reply

Safelite filed their Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismiss in late January. Safelite, who is being sued for false advertising, just showed they cannot help themselves when it comes to making false statements. Like the saying goes, "one lie leads to another". Their attorney also does not know the difference between a [...]

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Safelite Lawsuit Motion to Dismiss Response

Download the Full Response Here.ULTRA BOND FILES MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN OPPOSITION TO SAFELITE'S MOTION TO DISMISSUltra Bond states: This is a straightforward case. Defendant Safelite Group, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries make up the largest retail operations in the country for vehicle glass repair and replacement (“VGRR”) services for windshield damage claims. Safelite is [...]

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Safelite Motions to Dismiss Lawsuit

Ultra Bond v SafeliteSafelite files motion to dismiss. Read the court documents.  Download the motion here.

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Ultra Bond Sues Safelite - Full Complaint

Download the Complaint (ZIP Format) You are accessing this page by signing up to receive future updates on the lawsuit.  If you know someone who may be interested infollowing the progression fo the lawsuit, please go here to sign up.

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